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Cricket World Cup 2011

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    Cricket World Cup 2011 Brief Introduction It will be the International Criminal Court in 2011 Cricket World Cup to be the tenth World Cup cricket, and will be
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      cricket3Cricket World Cup 2011https://ec.yimg.com/ec?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.full2cricket.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2010%2F01%2F6-cricket_world_cup_fixtures.gif&t=1501205195&sig=UF8uB8KrYjg42FF0WMjAPg--~C

      Brief Introduction

      It will be the International Criminal Court in 2011 Cricket World Cup to be the tenth World Cup cricket, and will be hosted by three South Asian Test cricket playing countries: India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Bangladesh will take part in the first time to host the Cricket World Cup. Will use the Cricket World Cup in the form of one day international, with fourteen national cricket teams of decision on the competition. It will be the World Cup in the period between February and early April 2011, with the first match to be played on February 19, 2011 with the joint hosts India and Bangladesh meet in the National Stadium Sher-mail, Bangladesh in Mirpur.

      It was also assumed that the World Cup jointly hosted by Pakistan, but in 2009, following an attack cricket team Sri Lanka national in Lahore, and the International Cricket Council (ICC) sector of Pakistan has decided to rights for free.The headquarters of the organization was originally located in Lahore, but has now been shifted to Mumbai. It was supposed Pakistan for 14 games, including one in the semifinals. Given eight matches in Pakistan, India, and four of Sri Lanka and two in Bangladesh.


      International Criminal Court announced in the original resolution on the States that will host the 2011 World Cup finals in April 30, 2006. Australia and New Zealand also try for the championship, and a successful bid for the finals of the Australian World Cup 2011 will have been split 50-50 games, with the final still to negotiate. The Bid through the Tasman, beyond the border, in a bid for 2011 only delivered to the ICC headquarters in Dubai before the deadline of March 1. The major advantages of trying to Australian high places, infrastructure, and the full support of both New Zealand and Australian governments on the issues of tax and customs during the tournament, according to Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland. The New Zealand government has also given assurances that it will not allow Zimbabwe to compete in the tournament, after the country's political debates whether to allow their team to play cricket for a tour of Zimbabwe in 2005. Supply Australian also won the support of the West Indies, former captain Shivnarine Chanderpaul.

      The International Criminal Court President Ehsan Mani, the extra time taken by the Asian bloc to hand over the book trying to hurt you try to comply with four countries. However, he won the Asia when it comes time to vote, and the rights to host the seven votes to three. Pakistan Cricket Board has revealed that it was a vote Cricket Council in the West Indies which has turned in this matter, as an attempt has the support of the Asian countries the four tenders along with South Africa and Zimbabwe. reported in Pakistan's Dawn newspaper that the Asian countries and promised to hold a fund-raising events for the West Indian cricket during the World Cup 2007, which may have affected the vote. However, the Chairman of the Monitoring Committee to try to Asian, Bindra, he promised from the additional profits in the region of U.S. $ 400 million, which swung the vote, that "no quid professionals present for their support, which plays West Indies had "nothing to do with her to host the World Cup."

      International Criminal Court would prefer to rotate the World Cup between key places of the United play cricket. Hosted the World Cup was England (three times 1975,79,83) India / Pakistan in 1987, and Australia and New Zealand in 1992, India / Pakistan / Sri Lanka 1996, Britain (United Kingdom, the Netherlands) 1999, South Africa (Zimbabwe, Kenya) 2003, the West Indies in 2007. For the World Cup 2011 Australia / New Zealand and a strong competitor by India / Pakistan / Sri Lanka / Bangladesh because it is not hosted the World Cup finals since 1992. In India won the final vote because they argued that they were a larger group of countries that must be set at the World Cup more frequently. As a result of this, and Australia / New Zealand was awarded the World Cup 2015.

      Staging of matches

      Demilitarization of Pakistan to host the Centre

      Pakistan has been stripped of their rights and to host World Cup 2011 by the International Criminal Court on April 17, 2009 because of persistent concerns about "the unstable security situation" prevailing in the country, particularly in the wake of terrorist attacks in Lahore during a tour in Sri Lanka in 2009.

      Pakistan Cricket Board has hinted that it may refuse to participate in the World Cup if they were asked to play in India. However, there is no concrete evidence as to whether this would happen.

      It is estimated that the chlorine will lose $ 10.5 million as a result of this tournament are being taken away from them. This figure includes only the match fees of $ 750,000 per game guaranteed by the International Criminal Court. It is expected that the loss-General of the PCB and the Pakistani economy to be much larger.

      On April 9, 2009, revealed PCB Chairman Ijaz is that it had issued a legal memorandum to oppose the decision of the International Criminal Court. However, the International Criminal Court claims that chlorine is still involved in hosting and it just turned out in matches outside Pakistan. Have been proposed Pakistan, South Asia to host World Cup 2015 and Australia / New Zealand host in 2011, but this option does not find favor with their hosts in common and therefore seems unlikely.

      The allocation of matches

      On April 11, 2005, Pakistan declared Chairman Shahryar Khan, the cricket to an agreement on the distribution of games. The original plan involved India to host the final, while Pakistan and Sri Lanka will host the semi-finals, and the opening ceremony will be held in Bangladesh.

      After the inventory of the Joint Center host, made Pakistan to host home games in the cities of the United Arab Emirates Home neutral venue. This is in response to the fact that the last few months of cricket played by Pakistan, has been in the cities of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. As was done in these stadiums stadiums developed to suit players of Pakistan. This will not hurt the timing of any tables and there are regular flights from Mumbai to Dubai.

      However, in the April 28, 2009, International Criminal Court announced the redeployment of games are supposed to be played in Pakistan. As a result, India will host the now 29 games in eight places, including the final and the semi-final one; Sri Lanka will host the 12 in three places, including the semi-finals and one at home, while Bangladesh, the eighth round in two reasons, as well as the opening ceremony on February 18, 2011.

      On June 1, 2010, the first phase of tickets for the World Cup 2011 in India and Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and developed for sale in the wake of a meeting of the Central Committee to stage the tournament in Mumbai. The committee has been affordably priced tickets, with the cheapest costs 20 U.S. cents in Sri Lanka.


      In late 2007, the four host countries based on the revised version of the 2011 World Cup finals, which will participate 14 teams instead of 16. The first round of the tournament will be round-trip similar to those held in South Africa in the 2003 edition in which the teams split 14 to 2 groups of 7 teams. 7 teams play each other once with the top four from each group qualifying for the quarter-finals. [25] format ensures that every team gets a minimum of six games to play even if they are disqualified from the tournament because of early defeats. Was officially handed over one in the semifinals of the tournament for more than India and Pakistan after they were stripped of their rights to host the tournament.

      * The venues planned in the semi-final is the R. Premadasa Stadium in Colombo, Sri Lanka and the PCA Stadium in Mohali, India
      * It is scheduled for the final held on the renovated Stadium Wankhede in Mumbai, India.


      Main articles: 2007-09 ICC World Cricket League 2009 and the ICC World Cup qualifying

      According to the regulations of the International Criminal Court, and all 10 full members automatically qualify for the World Cup, including Zimbabwe, who gave up their test to the level of play improves their team.

      International Criminal Court also held qualifying tournament in South Africa to determine the teams that will participate in the Associate 2011 Events. Ireland, who won the best performance of the nation's participants since the World Cup last in the tournament, beating Canada in the final. The Netherlands and Kenya also qualified by virtue of the third and fourth respectively.

      List of qualified teams

      The following 14 teams qualified for the final tournament. Countries with an asterisk* are Associate Members.

      In spite of the completion of all the Indian stadiums for the World Cup 2011 [before but was completed from their places of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka later in late October 2009. And announced that all the venues of the World Cup Cricket 2011 in the November 2, 2009 in Mumbai by the International Cricket Council. 2 are being construction of new stadiums in Sri Lanka exclusively for the World Cup 2011. They are located in Kandy and Hambantota.

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