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X-Men Generation

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  • Derrick
    http://s9.invisionfree.com/X_Men_Generation/index.php?act=idx It’s a new year for Xavier s school for the gifted and new students as well as new teachers and
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      It’s a new year for Xavier's school for the gifted and new students as well as new teachers and a headmaster. Professor Xavier died an old and happily retired man. Jean Grey-Summers and has taken the professor’s place as headmistress.

      Things have changed around the school. Rogue and Gambit are dating Rogue has now found a way to control her powers so she is allowed now to touch skin to skin with people. Gambit is planning to propose to her. Iceman and Shadowcat ended up getting together after realizing they both fancy each other but never showed it so they argued to hide it. Storm is single for now but has a child named Sabre and her daughter, Kendall has been brought from an alternate timeline. Storm is thinking of getting back together with Sabretooth the father of Sabre. Wolverine and Mystique are secretly seeing each other.

      Everything seems calm as Magneto died at a battle. The Brotherhood’s mutants and the X-Men are now getting along but a new evil is arising.

      Are the mutants going to stick side to side? Or is this emotion controlling and mind controlling mutant going to spilt them? Will it cause the world to end, with a mutant war?
      After the FOH members kidnapped Jubilee and electrocuted her, the X-men went to save her and were caught in a crossfire. Trapped, they were forced to fight and to get Jubilee out alive and also to help Jean who was now revealed to be pregnant.

      This ended in some tragedy as Jean was injured though Rogue and Iceman tried to help her form her injuries she lost the baby. Also Storm had confrontations with Sabertooth and Callisto. Naturi and Torrent had a power boost. The two getting along more with their mother.

      Rogue let a few people know of her secret, the creation of fire and ability to touch, controlling her power, which increased Iceman's feelings for her.

      Remy still hasn't returned, but Colossus has and Kitty is probably getting herself into trouble hacking into computer terminals or something.

      Months after this attack from the humans the brotherhood appear to be drifting from their connections to the X-men as something is bound to be going down with hem and the HELLFIRE CLUB
      Before Joining:
      .::. Be sure to check the canon list before even thinking of creating an account. If you want a canon that is taken, ask if the player is keeping up with the story and posting, etc. An admin or moderator will get back to you with a verdict.
      .::. Read ALL informational threads, to get a full understanding of X-Men Generation.

      .::. Join X-Men Generation with a username other than a X-Men’s real name or codename. DO NOT join as Storm, Magma, Wolverine, etc; nor join as Jean Grey, Lorna Dane, Emma Frost, etc. Also, don’t join as X-Men fan, etc. Nothing in your username should be X-Men related. Once approved an admin will change your username to your character's codename.
      **NOTE** Any X-Men related character from any Comic, TV Show, or Movie has a chance to be accepted. Some of them will have to hair their history altered a bit to fit the storyline.

                                    *~Lil D~*

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