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Supercomputing Way Beyond 2.0 .. Supporting teacher learning /the Education program

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    Real Emerging Technologies The Supercomputing Conference has beeb taking place all week in RENO. There is the main conference, there are some component
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      Real Emerging Technologies

      The Supercomputing Conference has beeb taking place all week in RENO. There
      is the main conference, there are some component programs for broadening
      participation and for educators.

      While most people are championing 2.0 technologies, teachers from many
      geographic areas were involved in learning about computational science. This may not
      be learning that resonates with you. It was guided by the best of the
      resource people in the field. This was the url for the initiative.

      Much of our work is supported by the National Computational Science Institute
      at Shodor.org. You can see that there are interesting applications at their

      We applied to the program and our housing, food and transportation was

      When you go to it, you will find information for the SC08 program, and our
      summer workshops. There are also resources there. All of the talks are there ,
      that is the powerpoint or presentations that we were learning from.

      Here are some of our press releases.
      You can see them here.

      Press Releases
      June 18, 2007 - Grid Today: Students Unlock the World of Advanced Computing

      "What does "cyberinfrastructure" mean to you and to others in your community?
      How will cyberinfrastructure benefit scientists, teachers, students, policy
      makers and society as a whole? What opportunities for you and others around the
      world come to mind as you think about the benefits of cyberinfrastructure?
      These are some of the poignant questions posed to students at the second annual
      TeraGrid conference last week in Madison, Wis." ...more...

      June 17, 2007 - Nation's Most Innovative Education Leaders Honored For
      Creative Contributions to K-12 Teaching and Learning

      Including Mechelle Craene from SC Education!

      "Some of the most innovative educational leaders in the nation will be
      honored with Cable's 2007 Leaders in Learning Awards at a ceremony Wednesday, June
      6th at the Library of Congress. This year's winners include teachers who have
      helped students organize and televise political debates, created a program for
      8th-12th grade students to live with, learn from, and teach Panama's Ngobe
      Bugle Indians, and collaborated with the local community to showcase a
      student-produced documentary about local U.S. service members and veterans that raised
      funds to build a local memorial. The winners also include administrators and
      state and federal policymakers." ...more...

      Watch the video of the awards night.

      February 5, 2007 - Diverse: Navajo Officials Have High Hopes For Wireless

      "Navajo officials have a vision that one day students on the vast reservation
      can do school work on laptops during bus rides home and that making a phone
      call won’t mean walking miles to the nearest chapter house.

      The vision starts on the eastern edge of the reservation in New Mexico
      through initiatives known as the Internet to the Hogan and Dine Grid." ...more...

      December 5, 2007 - Earlham College Public Affairs: Peck Claims High-Tech
      Title in Ten Minutes

      Featuring Charlie Peck from SC Education!

      "You won't see this at the Miss America pageant...

      Earlham College Associate Professor of Computer Science Charlie Peck is the
      country's newly crowned "Ultimate Geek," according to marketing executives of
      computer chip maker Intel Corporation, following his impressive "talent"
      demonstration at the recent SuperComputing '06 conference in Tampa, Fla." ...more...

      Watch the video Intel produced. it is also on You Tube.

      November 2006 - Maryland Virtual High School: Using Computation and
      Communication to Solve Problems

      "What is the difference between serial computing and parallel computing? What
      does a supercomputer do? Recently, 52 Montgomery Blair High School students
      learned the answers to those questions when five professors from the fields of
      computer science, math and physics came to Blair to demonstrate LittleFe, a
      portable, 6-processor parallel computer." ...more...

      November 19, 2006 - The Register: Educators boost US tech fortunes with cheap

      "The scenario would horrify many of the well-funded Linux clusternistas out
      there. You want to teach students about the joys of high performance computing,
      load balancing, and parallel programming but can't afford a multi-processor
      box for the kiddos." ...more...

      October 2005 - HPCWire: New Directions for Computational Science Education

      "We could dedicate pages of text to a precise meaning of "High Performance
      Computing Education at the Undergraduate Level". In the end, just one word
      suffices a complete description of its current state: Broken. The June 2005
      President's Information Technology Advisory Committee report "Computational Science:
      Ensuring America's Competitiveness" states "only a small fraction of the
      potential of computational science is being realized", and later in the report "The
      diverse technical skills and technologies underlying software, computing
      systems, and networks themselves constitute a critical U.S. infrastructure that we
      underappreciate and undervalue at our peril. Computational science is a
      foundation of that infrastructure." In another word: Broken. " ...more...

      Most importantly we became a team of teachers endowed with new learning,
      empowered with new collaborations, and enriched by gifts of software that most of
      us would never be able to afford. Think Maya, think Mathcad, think lots of
      software and then the swag.. the goodies and the learning on the exhibit floor.

      What wonderful support for teachers!!


      See what's new at http://www.aol.com

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