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      > [SOURCE: The Democratic Daily]
      > Sen John Kerry (D-MA) introduced the Wireless Innovation Act of 2007
      > which will make broadband available to unconnected communities by
      > exploiting the unused frequencies in the broadcast spectrum known as
      > "white spaces." Sen Kerry introduced the same bill in the 109th
      > Congress, however it was not acted on by the full Senate. The bill
      > directs the Federal Communications Commission to move quickly to free
      > up valuable but unused broadcast airwaves -- known as "white spaces"
      > -- which could then be used for unlicensed, wireless broadband. In
      > many markets, more than half of the available broadcast channels have
      > not been licensed to television stations. Free Press Policy Director
      > Ben Scott said: "Free Press... urges the Senate to move quickly to
      > pass the Wireless Innovation Act of 2007. This bill holds the
      > potential to create universal, affordable broadband access across the
      > United States. Greater access to unlicensed spectrum in the
      > low-frequency bands would improve local emergency communications
      > networks, nurture the growth of small business and entrepreneurship,
      > generate competition in the broadband market, and ensure that
      > underserved areas are not left behind as technology advances in the
      > 21st century. The expansion of unlicensed spectrum in particular will
      > create a boom in innovative technologies and expand the opportunities
      > for citizens to communicate. The unlicensed spectrum currently
      > available - just 2 percent of the total spectrum that is commercially
      > available - already has spurred entrepreneurship and technological
      > innovation, generating billions of dollars in new business for
      > manufacturers, retailers and providers. This is a critical issue
      > whose time has come."
      > http://blog.thedemocraticdaily.com/?p=5088
      > * Free Press Applauds Wireless Innovation Act of 2007
      > http://www.freepress.net/press/release.php?id=200
      > * Kerry Reintroduces Wireless Innovation Act of 2007
      > http://www.broadcastingcable.com/article/CA6406639.html?display=Breaking+News
      > * Kerry drops another good bill
      > http://www.wetmachine.com//item/698
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