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Operation Don't Laugh at Me

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  • David P. Dillard
    Subject: [Net-Gold] EDUCATION: K-12: VIOLENCE BULLYING CRIME SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Operation Don t Laugh at Me Operation Don t Laugh at Me: Dedicated to Creating
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2004
      ABUSE: Operation Don't Laugh at Me

      Operation Don't Laugh at Me: Dedicated to Creating Safe, Caring and
      Respectful Environments for Children

      "Operation Respect is a non-profit organization working to transform
      schools, camps and organizations focused on children and youth, into more
      compassionate, safe and respectful environments. Founded by Peter Yarrow
      of the folk group Peter, Paul & Mary, the organization disseminates
      educational resources that are designed to establish a climate that
      reduces the emotional and physical cruelty some children inflict upon
      each other by behaviors such as ridicule, bullying and-in extreme
      cases-violence. It is a unique organization that provides a gateway to
      broad scale adoption of school-based character education as well as
      social and emotional learning (SEL) programs.

      Toward this end, Operation Respect developed the Don't Laugh at Me (DLAM)
      programs, one for grades 2-5, another for grades 6-8 and a third for
      summer camps and after-school programs. All of the programs utilize
      inspiring music and video along with curriculum guides based on the
      well-tested, highly regarded conflict resolution curricula developed by
      the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (RCCP) of Educators for Social
      Responsibility (ESR)."


      Contact Information

      Peter Yarrow

      Charles F. (Chic) Dambach
      President and CEO

      Mark Weiss
      Education Director

      Caroline King
      Administrative Director

      Elizabeth Kolodny
      Program Director

      Danielle Mlakar
      Events Coordinator

      Operation Respect
      2 Penn Plaza, 5th Floor
      New York, New York 10121


      For Parents:

      Parents Role in Creating Safe Places for Children

      Peace Corners and Family Meeting Time

      Communication Strategies for Parents

      National PTA website

      "Raising Empathetic Children in a Post 9-11 Climate of Uncertainty"
      Written by Linda Lantieri (Published in the April/May 2002 issue of Our
      Children, National PTA's Magazine)


      Additional Resources

      Web Resources

      We are Family: Educating Our Children for a Safer World Resource Guide

      Educators for Social Responsibility
      Collaborative for the Advancement of Social and Emotional Learning
      Character Education Partnership
      National Association of Elementary School Principals
      National Middle School Association
      American School Counselors Association
      Education Commission of the States
      Educational Resources Information Center
      Lantieri, Linda. Redefining the Purpose of Education. Boston, MA:
      Boston Research Center Newsletter, Spring/Summer 2002.


      As well as a brief bibliography of articles on topic in print sources.

      David Dillard
      Temple University
      (215) 204 - 4584
      World Business Community Advisor
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