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iSafe tangent

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  • Jessica Millstone
    I am interested in hearing people s opinions of the iSafe program and organization ... any first-hand experiences or anecdotes? In the interest of full
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 17, 2004
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      I am interested in hearing people's opinions of the iSafe program and
      organization ... any first-hand experiences or anecdotes?

      In the interest of full disclosure I will say that I am working on a
      project that might become associated with iSafe (too soon to say for
      sure) and this is the first mention of it I have picked up on through
      this list.

      Thanks for any info you care to share.

      -jessica millstone


      ps: thank you Nancy for posting the News.com article. I added an
      excerpt from it to my blog this morning.

      On Sunday, February 15, 2004, at 08:38 PM, Nancy Willard wrote:

      > <really big smile>
      > I sort of went out on a limb on this one because I do not really
      > understand
      > the technology. But it has ALL of the indicators of the Zapme folks
      > and I
      > sure do understand that.
      > The blasted thing is that these I-Safe folks have received $5M from
      > the feds
      > to produce Internet safety programs. I will let you decide their level
      > of
      > competence. Note the degree to which they address privacy policies,
      > profiling, and advertising that are a merger of content and ads.
      > Note also the *stupidity* of explaining to 1st grade students that they
      > should not go and meet with someone they have met on line.
      > Nancy
      > on 2/15/04 10:31 AM, Art Wolinsky at awolinsky@... wrote:
      >> At 08:13 PM 2/14/2004, you wrote:
      >>> I have MAJOR QUESTIONS about this so-called kids online "safety"
      >>> program.
      >> Boy, I'm with Nancy 150% on this one!
      >> VeriSign has consistently shown a disregard for their customers and a
      >> motivation that is STRICTLY driven by the bottom line. It's more
      >> likely
      >> that a used car salesman is concerned about saving me money than
      >> VeriSign
      >> is concerned about the online safety of children.
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