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Re: [WWWEDU] Online Instruction issue

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  • Linda Ullah
    John, I m not aware of online classes being taught by unqualified people although it is certainly possible. All that I have taken, taught, or been involved
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 18, 2003

      I'm not aware of online classes being taught by unqualified people although
      it is certainly possible. All that I have taken, taught, or been involved
      with have had at least a Masters Degree level instructor... sometimes a PhD
      level... who has been qualified to teach the subject....

      Have said that, I have just finished taking a course in self pace
      learning. The theory behind that class is that curriculum can be taught by
      building in check points and feedback along the way. While I concede that
      some topics for some people might be appropriate through self paced
      learning, I feel most students need expert feedback as part of the learning

      Linda Ullah
      Teacher in Residence
      Foothill College Krause Center for Innovation
      Los Altos Hills CA

      "John F. Adsit" wrote:

      > I am hoping someone will be able to help me retrieve something from the
      > cobwebs of my memory.
      > One of the issues confronting online schools is the identity and
      > qualifications of the instructor. Some content vendors claim that
      > their product is so self-teaching that schools do not need to have a
      > qualified instructor in the content area. The students can just go
      > along on their own, with the "teacher" primarily monitoring the
      > progress.
      > I do not wish to start a debate on that topic; I think I know the
      > people who generally participate on this list well enough to be sure
      > that the vast majority disagree with that position.
      > In the previously mentioned cobwebs of my memory I recall reading that
      > there was a situation in which a teacher's group of some kind, perhaps
      > an NEA affiliate, charged that an online school somewhere was actually
      > only using a teacher's aide for "instruction," with no qualified
      > instructor participating at all. If this is true, I would like to
      > include the information in a report I am writing. I would obviously
      > have to be able to document it, since "cobwebs of the memory" does not
      > look good on a sources cited list. I did check with the state's NEA
      > affiliate (CEA), and they had no information on anything like it. In
      > fact, they hadn't given it a thought (interestingly enough).
      > Does anyone have more information on this or a situation like this, or
      > is this yet one more example of the gradual decay of my mind?
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      > John Adsit
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      > Jefferson County Schools, Colorado
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