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please read: wwwedu is now at yahoogroups!

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  • Andy Carvin
    Hi everyone... As promised, wwwedu has made the transition to its new server at yahoogroups.com. A few quick admin items: If you used to receive wwwedu in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2001
      Hi everyone... As promised, wwwedu has made the transition to its new server
      at yahoogroups.com. A few quick admin items:

      If you used to receive wwwedu in digest format and are now getting
      individual messages, you can change your settings by going to the wwwedu
      admin page at yahoogroups:


      If you click on the "edit my membership" button on the right side of the
      page, you'll be able to switch your membership to digest format. If it
      doesn't work, please email me privately and I'll take care of it.

      If you haven't received wwwedu in a long time and are suddenly getting
      messages, it's because you never actually left the list - you only postponed
      your messages from coming it. If this is the case, you can also go to the
      admin website URL listed above, click the edit membership button, and leave
      the list. Alternatively, you can send an email to
      wwwedu-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com and that should remove you from the list.

      WWWEDU's official homepage and archive will continue to remain at my edweb
      site (http://edwebproject.org/wwwedu.html) but we'll also have access to the
      yahoo groups admin page (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wwwedu), which
      includes several features I hope list members find useful:

      Allows group members to conduct text chats as well as voice chats

      A repository where members can place files for sharing with the list.
      (For example, I'm keeping a copy of the wwwedu FAQ here.)

      An online photo album where members can archive images of interest to the

      A hotlist of URLs shared by list members. I'd encourage people to use this
      to list their favorite sites and tools, which we can use for future

      A basic databasing feature.

      We can use this to conduct quick surveys of list members.

      Anyway, I hope you get a chance to explore these features....

      Today, I'll also repost the latest version of the wwwedu faq just so
      everyone can have a copy of current list procedures. I'll also post a list
      announcement that you can share with your colleagues - as you may have
      noticed, list membership has dwindled somewhat over the last couple of years
      (from around 1700 to around 1400), and I'd like to get the word out to folks
      who might be interested.

      Thanks for your patience during this transition. I really appreciate it.

      take care,

      Andy Carvin andy@...
      Senior Associate
      Benton Foundation
      Visit my new website, Anatolian Fortnight
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