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invitation to participate in an online forum about teacher professional development

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  • Burns, Mary
    Teacher Professional Development in Crisis: How Can We Give Teachers in Fragile Contexts the Learning They Want and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2013
      Teacher Professional Development in Crisis: How Can We Give Teachers in Fragile Contexts the Learning They Want and Need?<http://www.ineesite.org/en/blog/teacher-professional-development-in-crisis-series> is a three-month online special forum hosted by the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) at http://www.ineesite.org/en/blog/teacher-professional-development-in-crisis-series. The forum brings together international experts, practitioners and teachers to share PD-related research, ideas and strategies so we can gather in one space our collective understanding of effective professional development to begin to shift the narrative around professional development from "quantity" and "scale" to quality and impact.

      The forum will include weekly contributions by professional development specialists who work in a variety of global settings who will discuss:

      * Problems and solutions in teacher professional development (TPD) and continuous professional development (CPD)

      * Best practices, case studies and models of effective professional development supported by research

      * Ways forward to bring high-quality professional development to teachers across the globe, with an emphasis on developing countries, fragile contexts, and low-income environments

      The forum is being organized and facilitated by Mary Burns, Education Development Center (USA), and James Lawrie, War Child (Netherlands) with the support of Peter Transburg (INEE). We will also support French, Spanish and Portuguese-language discussions for those who are more comfortable in these languages.

      The Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) is a global network of over 9,000 practitioners and policy makers based in Paris. It promotes the right to quality education and safe learning environments in emergencies and post-crisis recovery.

      How to Participate

      1. Go to the following website and create an account (it is free): www.ineesite.org/join<http://www.ineesite.org/join> (Unless you belong to one of the organizations listed, under "Organization/Affiliation," check Other). You cannot participate unless you are in the INEE network.

      2. The URL for the discussion is: http://www.ineesite.org/en/blog/teacher-professional-development-in-crisis-series (or go to www.ineesite.org<http://www.ineesite.org>, select Blog, and then Teacher Professional Development in Crisis)

      3. Each Monday (from February 4-April 29, 2013) a guest author will post on a particular issue related to teacher professional development. If you wish to comment (we hope you will) you will have to log in in order to comment.

      4. Feel free to upload and share any evidence-based professional development related-resources that demonstrate effective professional development.

      Thank you and we look forward to your participation. Please disseminate this to colleagues whom you think may be interested, cross-post to any appropriate blogs/discussion lists, share your own resources on effective professional development, and/or write me (mburns@...<mailto:mburns@...>) with any questions you may have.

      Mary Burns

      Mary Burns
      Education Development Center
      43 Foundry Avenue
      Waltham, MA 02453 USA


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