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  • Downes, Stephen
    ANNOUNCEMENT NAWeb2002 Educational Internet Site of the Year Award Apologies for duplicate posts. The North American Web Conference, NAWeb2002, is an
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      NAWeb2002 Educational Internet Site of the Year Award

      Apologies for duplicate posts.

      The North American Web Conference, NAWeb2002, is an internationally
      recognized conference founded in 1995 whose focus is to encourage innovative
      and practical uses of the World Wide Web in teaching and learning and
      extending the reach of existing campuses through creating "virtual" campuses
      of a unique and exciting nature (See <http://naweb.unb.ca/>
      http://naweb.unb.ca for more information). This mission applies not only to
      traditional educational institutions, but also to the corporate and private
      world as well. As part of the mission of the conference program NAWeb2002
      sponsors the NAWeb Award for Educational Internet Site of the Year. The
      NAWeb Educational Internet Site of the Year trophy will be awarded to the
      winning web site during the NAWeb2002 conference. Any web site, be it
      privately or publicly developed site, a corporate or university site, or an
      individual site-in short, any educational site on the web may be nominated
      for this award. A jury of judges will review each site according to the
      criteria listed below. Five finalists will be selected for presentation to
      the attendees at the conference during the awards ceremony. From these five
      finalists the NAWeb2002 Internet Site of the Year will be announced. Each of
      the four runner-ups will receive a special NAWeb Award's citation.

      The judging criteria will place a premium on innovation, creativity, and the
      practicality of the nominated site. The judges will ask questions such as:

      ... How well does it achieve its stated purpose?
      ... Does it represent an innovative and creative approach in using the
      Internet? Is the site innovative or groundbreaking in its field or
      ... Is it well designed both in its look and in its informational design?
      ... The "Wow" factor is fine, but does it have a solid purpose or is one
      simply looking at "eye candy?" The site must also be practical.
      ... Is it easy to navigate and to understand?
      ... In short, is it user friendly?
      ... Does it meet a clear need?

      Send all nominations as Microsoft Word document attachments to Prof. Ronald
      Smith, who is the non-judging awards Chair, at rsmith@.... Each
      nomination must include:

      a) A statement of the site's purpose and/or reason for development.
      b) Any special browser settings
      d) Special aspects/parts of the site to which the judges should pay
      particular attention.
      e) Any additional information the nominee believes would be important to the
      judges (For example, design principles, what makes this site stand out
      vis-à-vis other similar sites, etc.)

      Please use a 12-font standard type (Prof. Smith and the judges do not wish
      to go blind!) and limit the nomination document to 2 pages. Any nominations
      greater than two pages in length will not be considered. You will notified
      of receipt of the nomination. If you have further questions, please do not
      hesitate to contact Ron Smith. All nominations must be submitted by August
      20th, 2002. Finalists will be notified by early September 2002.

      Stephen Downes ~ Senior Researcher ~ National Research Council
      Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

      <http://www.downes.ca/> http://www.downes.ca stephen@...
      stephen.downes@... <http://www.iit.nrc.ca/e-learning.html>

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