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This Week at Tapped In (October 31-November 6)

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    Professional Development for Educators: This Week at Tapped In (October 31-November 6) *************************************** Vision: Transforming teacher
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      Professional Development for Educators:
      This Week at Tapped In (October 31-November 6)
      Vision: Transforming teacher professional development online
      Research has shown that student achievement is directly linked to
      teacher quality. State and national teaching standards provide a
      framework for teachers' professional growth that requires teachers to
      engage in ongoing professional development throughout their careers.
      The increasing demand for continuous professional development means
      that providers must expand face-to-face programs to include online
      activities and content that engage teachers anytime, anywhere. The
      growing recognition that no single organization can satisfy teachers'
      ongoing professional development needs requires that educators and
      providers form communities to share strategies, resources, and
      support. Tapped In was developed to support this vision.
      Tapped In Learning Hub Professional Development Series - This
      continuing series of events is intended to provide a support system
      for educators who are not sure how to integrate technology into their
      curriculum. Tapped In will serve as the Learning Hub for this
      collaborative journey.
      * Webheads in Action - TESOL/ESL/EFL/ELL community discussion for
      language teachers.
      * TI: Learning Hub Tips and Tricks with Dianne Allen

      * C3 ? Davina Pruitt-Mentle wraps up Cybersecurity Awareness Month
      * TI: Learning Hub Tips and Tricks with BJ Berquist

      * Math Resources K-20 - Jeff Cooper discusses resources and ways to
      facilitate communication among Tapped In Math educators.
      * Science Resources K-20 - Jeff Cooper leads this discussion for
      Science educators.

      * Religious Educators discussion with John Greenamyre
      * K-12 Classroom Tour and Classroom Supportl with Jeff Cooper
      * TI: Learning Hub Basic Tips and Tricks with BJ Berquist

      * TIPS AND TRICKS sessions are offered throughout the week to help
      both new and experienced Tapped In users get the most from the
      interface! Participate in a session to learn more about the TI:
      Learning Hub. No registration required.
      If you don't see an event that interests you, or have a suggestion for
      future discussions, send us an email and let us know! Comments are
      always appreciated!
      View the Tapped In calendar of ASO events at:
      http://tappedin.org/tappedin/do/CalendarAction By clicking on the
      calendar event, you can read the complete description of that event.
      Please note that occasionally an event description will have
      information to be read or instructions to be followed prior to the
      discussion. You can set the calendar to your time zone to see events
      in your times.

      Add TI events to your Google Calendar by using the button on each
      calendar event description page.

      RSS Feed for Tapped In calendar:

      Twitter TI daily updates http://twitter.com/tappedinorg
      Tapped In has a group in FaceBook and in LearnCentral (www.learncentral.org)!
      Respectfully submitted,
      BJ Berquist
      Tapped In Helpdesk Volunteer
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