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China Digital Content Conference - Beijing Mar 24

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  • Isa Seow
    Could you assist to forward this information (and attachments) to your contacts/members? The event is next week. Regards Isa   Friends, During CCBN week
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 16, 2010
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      Could you assist to forward this information (and attachments) to your contacts/members? The event is next week.



      During CCBN week in Beijing in March there will be an important regional event regarding the digital distribution of movies and TV in China and for the Asia region. 85,000 broadcast professionals will be in Beijing at the time for various events. Below is your special invitation/rate to the special DFS session.
      Registration forms attached.

      Internet, New Media, TV and STANDARDS
      March 24th Novotel Peace Beijing

      1. Internet Distribution and New Media Business in China
      2. Technology, Standards and Content Protection

      To provide a platform for content owners, studios, broadcasters, law firms, venture capitalists, online distributors, government and vendors to interact
      To encourage new business models, partnerships, and solutions
      To build relationships between China and foreign industries in this field
      To address current and new issues in relation to security, convergence and the proliferation of new media
      To discuss content protection platforms and technologies in China and internationally
      To discuss government-industry cooperation and developments in relation to China and content delivery

      THE DIGITAL FUTURE SYMPOSIUM is a highly successful event first launched in 2007 by the Centre for Content Protection Pte. Ltd. It attracts hundreds of key industry players in the field of content distribution and content protection annually. It has conducted successful events in Malaysia, Japan, China, India and Singapore.

      REGISTRATIONS (Cost is USD$150)
      Register at www.contentprotection.net
      Or write to isa_seow@...
      China Contact: Gloria Wang at : <gloria_wang@...>
      Registration forms are also attached

      isa_seow@... <http://email.secureserver.net/isa_seow@...>
      junaidah_arifin@... <http://email.secureserver.net/junaidah_arifin@...>
      or esther_peh@... <http://email.secureserver.net/esther_peh@...>
      Tel: +65 82014421
      Tel: +65 91830593
      Tel: +65 91998720

      Current Sponsors: Timewarner, National Basketball Association (NBA), Digital Keystone, Securemedia and Viacess.

      AGENDA (Subject to Change Slightly)

      9.00AM-9:30 Keynotes and Welcoming Remarks
      § Wang Xiaojie, Director General of Technology Department of SARFT
      § Charles Zhang, Founder and CEO of SOHU

      9:30-10:30 New Media Landscape (Timewarner Panel)
      § Opening by Steven Kopec, Turner International Asia Pacific, Ltd., Director, Platform Research and Development
      § Tim Meade, Vice President, Sony Pictures
      § Takahito Iida, Senior Manager, Dentsu Inc
      § Sheau Ng, VP Broadcast & Consumer Technology, NBC Universal

      10:30-10:45 Tea Break

      10:45-11:45 Internet & UGCs (NBA Panel)
      § Opening by National Basketball Association (NBA)
      § Jason Si, Vice President, Tencent
      § 56.com (TBA)
      § Zhang He, CEO, JOY.CN
      § Kevin Li, CEO, KU 6
      § Tudou.com (TBA)

      11:45-12:45 Enforcement and the Law
      § Opening by Frank Rittman, Vice President, Regional Policy Officer and Deputy Managing Director, Motion Picture Association- Intl
      § Jennifer Osika, Director, United States Chamber of Commerce
      § Zhu Yongde, Chairman of China Film Copyright Association
      § Sun Jianhong, representing Huayi Brothers

      12:45-1:45 Lunch

      1:45-2:45 Network Convergence –MODERATED BY WILLIAM FENG, Managing Director, MPA China
      § Luo Xiaobu, VP, Beijing Gehua CATV Network
      § Zhang Lei, VP, China Unicom Video Company
      § Shao Yiding, CEO, Voole

      2:45-3:45 Technology Security and Standards
      § Christine Maury Panis, Executive Vice President, Viaccess
      § Eric Rinder, Director, Digital Keystone
      § Douglas Wang, Pre-Sales Engineer, Verimatrix
      § Vidar Sandvik, International Product Marketing Manager, Conax

      3:45-3:55 Tea Break

      3:55-4:55 Digital Electronics
      § Opening by Stephane Le Dreau, VP Solutions Marketing, Nagravision
      § Dr. Fen Kefeng, China Electronics Standardization Institute
      § Kiyoshi Kohiyama, Senior Research Fellow, Fujitsu Research Labs
      § Isa Seow, Managing Director, CCP
      § TBA

      4.55 – 5.15 Closing by Isa Seow, CENTRE FOR CONTENT PROTECTION

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