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This Week at Tapped In (February 7-13)

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    Professional Development for Educators: This Week at Tapped In (February 7-13) *************************************** Tapped In Learning Hub Professional
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      Professional Development for Educators:
      This Week at Tapped In (February 7-13)

      Tapped In Learning Hub Professional Development Series - This series
      of events is intended to provide a support system for educators who
      are not sure how to infuse technology into their curriculum. Tapped In
      will serve as the Learning Hub for this collaborative journey.
      * Webheads in Action - TESOL/ESL/EFL/ELL community discussion for
      language teachers.
      * TI: Learning Hub Tips and Tricks with Dianne Allen

      * Special Education Forum - Paul Bohac leads this enriching and
      supportive discussion for all teachers who work with special needs
      children in the public, private, or alternative school setting. This
      month's topic is Inclusion: issues related to inclusion, the
      relationship between instructional approaches for both special
      education students and alternative education students, and the
      increasing paperwork required of special education teachers.

      * TI: Learning Hub Tips and Tricks with BJ Berquist
      * K-3+ Resources - Sue Roseman leads the popular K-3+ Resources
      discussion. The topic for February is Read, Write, Think?and more!
      * Join Barbara Muller-Ackerman for Great Resources for School
      Counselors ? Barbara will be including many links that can be shared
      with your staff as they bring monthly awareness events into their

      * Music Making for Everyone a la Web 2.0 - Musicshake is an online
      tool created by musicians for NON-musicians.
      *Action Research - Diane Painter offers an Action Research discussion
      on what action research is and how it differs from traditional ed
      research. Why do teachers engage in action research (i.e.
      teacher-research). Are they focused on the 'technical-practical' -
      looking for better ways to do such-and-such; or are they taking a more
      personal philosophical approach - re-examining why I do such-and-such,
      as a teacher and identifying what happens when I do? Students in
      university/college classes who are engaging in action research are
      invited to join us.

      * Next Vista for Learning - Join Rushton Hurley for Hassle-free
      Citation of Online Content.
      * Classroom Assessment: - Join Maryann Durland to explore the tools
      that help us to understand the connection between what we do as
      teachers and students and learners.
      * WriteTalk: - Sandra Shattuck advocates that teachers are the best
      teachers of other teachers and teachers teach writing better when they
      improve their own writing.
      * Teachers in Training - Dianne Allen offers support and assistance to
      preservice and first and second year teachers.

      * Religious Educators discussion with John Greenamyre
      * K-12 Campus Tour and Classroom Support with Jeff Cooper
      * TI: Learning Hub Tips and Tricks with BJ Berquist
      If you don't see an event that interests you, or have a suggestion for
      future discussions, send us an email and let us know! Comments are
      always appreciated!
      View the Tapped In calendar of ASO events at:
      http://tappedin.org/tappedin/do/CalendarAction By clicking on the
      calendar event, you can read the complete description of that event.
      Please note that occasionally an event description will have
      information to be read or instructions to be followed prior to the
      discussion. You can set the calendar to your time zone to see events
      in your times.

      Add Tapped In calendar events to your Google calendar from the event
      description page.

      RSS Feed for Tapped In calendar:

      Twitter daily TI updates and reminders at www.twitter.com/tappedinorg
      Join the Tapped In groups in FaceBook and in LearnCentral
      Respectfully submitted,
      BJ Berquist
      Associate Educator, TAPPED IN
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