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Re: Fwd: How to bypass internet censorship ... with Free Software

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  • James M. Punderson, IV
    Hello Nancy, [First my disclosure; I am the CEO of K12USA.com (home of the SecureSchool filter)] I think you can get away with acting as a paid consultant to a
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      Hello Nancy,

      [First my disclosure; I am the CEO of K12USA.com (home of the
      SecureSchool filter)]

      I think you can get away with acting as a paid consultant to a
      filtering company if you disclose that association whenever speaking
      or writing about filtering in general in the future.

      If you do not work as a paid consultant, you could certainly endorse a
      particular solution while disclosing that you have given unpaid advice
      to that company.

      But I think your credibility (not your honesty) would be open to
      question if you were to both act as a paid consultant to a company and
      then endorse that company's solution, whether or not you disclosed the

      Just my opinion...

      Jamie Punderson

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      > Nancy,
      > I would say "let your conscience be your guide". You are closer to
      the facts and have a good sense of right and wrong. I doubt this would
      compromise your views if they are pursuing a "base core belief" of
      yours. Go for it!!!? You deserve to start making something for all
      your hard work.
      > Eric Willard
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      with Free Software
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      > > "How to bypass internet censorship" is written in simple language,
      > > with a clear structure and short pages. It would be a great resource
      > > for teachers' and school administrators' training - and for a
      > > communication studies course at high school, perhaps even at middle
      > > school level. On the one hand, because it would make everybody in
      > > school aware of the limitations of filters; on the other hand, because
      > > it is focused on the right to access information as presented in the
      > > Universal declaration of human rights: i.e. not just on the tech
      > > aspectof bypassing censorship.
      > I had an exciting conversation last week with some business folks,
      > a filtering software company used in schools. This company apparently
      > understands the current problems of students who are easily able to
      > aggressive efforts to prevent such bypassing that are hampering other
      > educational uses, overblocking, the need for teachers and students to be
      > able to access material on popular sites such as YouTube that are so
      much a
      > part of the fabric of out life, etc. They are developing some strategic
      > partnerships to address this.
      > I have long said that to effectively manage student Internet use in
      > it is necessary to establish safer places for younger students ? walled
      > gardens ? and more effectively monitor what older students are doing
      > WITH strong professional and curriculum development for teachers and
      > effective instruction of students. This, I believe, is the essential
      > approach to support the effective use of the Web 2.0 technologies. But I
      > have actually been saying this for a very long time. I said so in a
      book I
      > wrote and self-published in 2003.
      > I do not normally associate directly with business. I am thinking of
      > an exception. I may be able to help a group of companies shape a
      product in
      > a manner that will support a new approach to Internet use management in
      > schools ? a shift I believe is essential. And if this company shifts, it
      > could force a shift in the way other companies are presenting their
      > products.
      > I would be interested in what you all think of this kind of an
      exception. I
      > would remain a consultant, not employed by the business.
      > Nancy
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