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Re: [WWWEDU] (Re)Introducing myself

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  • Janice Friesen
    John, I remember your name from years ago. It is fun to see it again. I have noticed that the list has been very slow in the last years. I think it is
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2008

      I remember your name from years ago. It is fun to see it again. I
      have noticed that the list has been very slow in the last years. I
      think it is because so many of the leaders are reading and writing
      blogs now and so the discussion that happened here is happening in
      many other different places.


      On Jul 25, 2008, at 2:25 PM, John wrote:

      > So there I was, puzzling about my lack of knowledge about some
      > emerging technologies that could be applied to online education and
      > wondering what the best way to get informed would be. Then I
      > thought, "I used to belong to an online discussion group called
      > WWWEDU. Being a part of that kept me on the cutting edge. I wonder
      > if
      > that group still exists."
      > It does indeed exist, and although I have not been here in years, I
      > see very familar names in the latest postings. Carvin. Willard
      > Berquist. Good memories all!
      > Old timers with photographic memories may recall that I used to be
      > involved with online education in Jefferson County Schools in
      > Colorado, but I retired from public education. That was when I
      > departed WWWEDU. I was involved with an online education provider,
      > Aventa Learning, after that. In 2007 that company was acquired by KC
      > DistanceLearning. amd I was pulled up into that parent company. I am
      > now the Executive Manager of Curriculum for KC Distance Learning, a
      > Portland, Oregon-based company whose divisions are Aventa Learning
      > (which parters primarily with public schools), iQ Academies (full
      > service public online schools),and Keystone National High School (a
      > private online school focusing on home schooled students). The title
      > sounds grander probably than the job itself, but suffice it to say
      > that I am supposed to give general overall guidance to the
      > pedagogical
      > direction our courses take.
      > A major project with which I was involved this year was working with
      > Kemi Jona of Northwestern University on the perplexing question of
      > dealing with labs in online science courses, especially at the AP
      > level. The two of us co-authored a white paper on behalf of the
      > North
      > American Council for Online Education (NACOL) that describes the
      > theoretical basis for developing an excellent lab program in an
      > online
      > science class. It was just released, although I missed all the
      > release
      > activities whilst searching (sadly, in vain) for whale sharks in the
      > Galápagos Islands.
      > I have already been taking some notes on some of what I have seen in
      > the last few weeks of posts, and I hope my visits here will be as
      > fruitful as they were in the past.
      > John Adsit

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