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SC 08 Education Program .. take a look

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  • BBracey@aol.com
    The SC08 Education Program consists of an intensive program during the conference in Austin, as well as a series of summer workshops preceding the conference.
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      The SC08 Education Program consists of an intensive program during the
      conference in Austin, as well as a series of summer workshops preceding the
      conference. The deadline for registering for the SC08 Education Program to be held in
      Austin during SC08 is Saturday, May 31, 2008. Additional information can be
      found at http://sc-education.org

      Registration for the SC08 Education Program Summer workshops is now open (See
      http://sc-education.org/workshops). Two recent additions include the
      curriculum development workshop at Louisiana State University and the Nano and Bio
      sciences workshop at the University of Texas at El Paso.

      The SC Education program provides week-long workshops in high performance
      computing (HPC) education and HPC curriculum development for faculty,
      administrators and students. These week-long workshops focus on curriculum change and
      professional development derived from today's high performance computing
      environments. Topics for the 2008 summer workshop series include:
      • Applications of HPC, Grids, and Parallel Comp. to Science
      - June 15 – June 21, Navajo Technical College
      - July 6 – July 12, Grand Valley State University
      - July 20 – July 26, NCSA ACCESS DC
      - Aug. 10 – Aug. 16, University of Oklahoma

      • Computational Biology for Biology Educators
      - June 2 – June 6, University of Illinois at
      - July 13 – July 19, Houston Community College System

      • Computational Chemistry for Chemistry Educators
      - June 1 – June 7, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras

      • Computational Physics and Parallel Environments
      - June 1 – June 7, Kean University

      • HPC in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
      - July 27 – Aug. 2, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

      • Integrating Computational Science into the Undergraduate
      - Jun 8 – Jun 14, Louisiana State University

      • HPC in Nano and Bio Sciences Research and Education
      - June 22 – June 28, University of Texas at El Paso
      - June 29 – July 5, CeNAT San Jose, Costa Rica

      Participants are asked to pay a registration fee of $150 and will be
      required to cover their own travel expenses. Room, board and other costs associate
      with the workshop are covered by the SC Education Program.

      Workshops are also open to high school teachers collaborating with college
      faculty. Educators in all fields of science, technology, engineering,
      mathematics, humanities, arts and social sciences are welcome, especially those from
      minority-serving institutions. Faculty are encouraged to mentor and support
      undergraduate and graduate students as part of their workshop team.

      The SC08 Education Program is a year-long program working with undergraduate
      faculty, administrators, college students, and collaborating high school
      teachers to integrate computational science and high performance computing and
      communications technologies highlighted through the SC Conference into the
      preparation of future scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians and

      For more information:

      Questions. email me.. Bonnie Bracey Sutton
      bbracey at aol com

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