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9866RE: [WWWEDU] Re: Any thoughts on how I should respond to Wired?

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  • Mark Ahlness
    Sep 4, 2007
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      Fantastic response Andy.

      There is a nice blog post from Wes Fryer on this at
      http://www.speedofcreativity.org/?p=2171 - worth a read. - Mark


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      Subject: [WWWEDU] Re: Any thoughts on how I should respond to Wired?

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks again for all of the thoughtful suggestions you passed along
      regarding how I should handle the story from Wired. I've decided to
      take a middle-of-the-road approach, writing an open letter to the
      author on my PBS blog, but not firing back with snark of my own. The
      more I learned about the author, the more I concluded he was actually
      a decent guy who just made a joke without thinking about the
      consequences, so I approached my response from that perspective.

      Here's a shortcut to the letter on my blog:

      http://urltea. <http://urltea.com/1e7z> com/1e7z

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