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9850Re: [WWWEDU] Any thoughts on how I should respond to Wired?

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  • BBracey@aol.com
    Aug 30, 2007
      In a message dated 8/30/07 11:00:08 AM, awolinsky@... writes:

      > Kids (and magazines) do and say stupid and/or cruel things Sometime
      > they are done maliciously and other times they are done simply
      > because they are kids being kids. If we simply react to the outcome
      > of the action rather than investigate the cause and act
      > appropriately, we can do damage or escalate the problem. I think a
      > combination of the advice given so far is in order.
      > I still stand by my suggestion to take it off line first. If that
      > avenue reveals that we are dealing with and intentional bullying
      > incident then further steps would be in order. Whatever action you
      > take, rest assured that you have the support of this community member
      > and I suspect the entire community.
      > To be a teacher or a technology advocate is to walk a road that has many
      detractors. In Washington at events, if you say you are a teacher, sometimes
      people turn their backs and walk away. It is that we are misrepresented. Sometimes
      it is the fault? of history, however it was that people were treated or felt
      to be treated in school. You never know what the public has in mind.

      I think an off line discussion is in order. This is a tough time to be a
      teacher or a technologist and they should know that, but it is much more
      sensational to affix blame.

      We get a lot of blame that is wrong. On some of the big committees, the
      answer to everything wrong is K-12 teachers. They never think of why we do what we
      do. Or what permission we have, and the people we have to answer to.

      In talking about STEM on the big committees they blamed us. There were not
      many teachers around and so I bravely raised my hand and mentioned NCLB, and the
      fact that lots of states have restricted the time to teach science to about
      20 minutes a week... if people even honor that 20 minutes.

      I was at a teragrid conference where people were also wringing their hands
      about the lack of teachers teaching science and real problem solving math. I
      again inquired if they knew about NCLB and that the technology resources had not
      been funded and that many had been destroyed or changed into customer base.
      Blank stares.

      Well so now Digital Divide is called Broadening Participation.. same thing.
      Of course according to the public policy the digital divide no longer exists..
      Well really?

      So we can't get upset. We have to teach, share, and use data to prove our

      It takes a very long, very long time to establish credibility and our
      credibility has been savaged.

      Bonnie Bracey Sutton

      bbracey at aol com

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