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9849RE: [WWWEDU] Any thoughts on how I should respond to Wired?

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  • Art Wolinsky
    Aug 30, 2007
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      Kids (and magazines) do and say stupid and/or cruel things Sometime
      they are done maliciously and other times they are done simply
      because they are kids being kids. If we simply react to the outcome
      of the action rather than investigate the cause and act
      appropriately, we can do damage or escalate the problem. I think a
      combination of the advice given so far is in order.

      I still stand by my suggestion to take it off line first. If that
      avenue reveals that we are dealing with and intentional bullying
      incident then further steps would be in order. Whatever action you
      take, rest assured that you have the support of this community member
      and I suspect the entire community.


      Art Wolinsky
      OEO 3DWriting.com
      Technology Director - Online Internet Institute
      Educational Technology Director - WiredSafety.org
      (609) 698-8223 (Home Office)
      (609) 618-4433 (Cell)

      I am perfectly capable of learning from my mistakes.
      I will surely learn a great deal today.
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