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9845Re: [WWWEDU] Any thoughts on how I should respond to Wired?

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  • Bob Hirshon
    Aug 30, 2007
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      How's this?

      Dear Wired:

      I'm one of the pussies you describe in your article on lame social
      networks. I try to stop cases of cyberbullying, such as (insert example
      here) and (insert second example here). I can't believe you actually
      believe these incidents are humorous or that efforts to prevent them are

      Though who knows?

      I prefer to think that a writer who didn't know or care much about the
      problem was trying to come up with something funny on deadline.

      If you would like to know more about the serious problem of
      cyberbullying-- an issue that would seem to hold interest for your
      readers-- please contact me at (contact info).


      Andy Carvin

      P.S.- On a humorous note, your army of vigilante readers has succeeded
      in maliciously destroying my site. Thanks.

      Bob Hirshon

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