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9841Re: [WWWEDU] Any thoughts on how I should respond to Wired?

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  • Taran Rampersad
    Aug 29, 2007
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      Send them a cease and desist.

      Andy Carvin wrote:
      > Hi everyone,
      > I'm in a bit of a quandary. Late last week, there was
      > a flurry of activity on the social network site I set
      > up, Stop Cyberbullying
      > (http://stopcyberbullying.ning.com
      > <http://stopcyberbullying.ning.com>), which I created
      > to give teachers a place to share best practices on
      > bullying education. In a matter of hours we were
      > flooded with a number of new users who were
      > vandalizing the community in extremely obnoxious ways.
      > The reason for the vandalism? Well, it turns out the
      > latest issue of Wired Magazine decided to name the
      > Stop Cyberbullying community as "one of the six lamest
      > social networks" on the Internet.
      > http://www.wired.com/techbiz/people/magazine/15-09/st_socialnetworks
      > <http://www.wired.com/techbiz/people/magazine/15-09/st_socialnetworks>
      > Here's what they had to say about us:
      > Stop Cyberbullying (stopcyberbullying.ning.com)
      > What it is: A safe place for frank discussions on the
      > topic of Internet bullying
      > Who you'll meet: Pussies
      > What's annoying: Dare to call them pussies, and
      > they'll gang up on you mercilessly.
      > Now I know this was intended as a joke, but the
      > consequences have been very serious. We had no choice
      > but to lock down the community, making it private and
      > invite-only, and work with the site host, ning.com, to
      > expel all the vandals. So needless to say, I'm pretty
      > annoyed, but I don't want to make the situation worse.
      > My gut is telling me to call them out and write an
      > open letter to Wired on my blog, telling them that
      > they're a part of the problem - eg, "Wired mocks
      > educators for combating cyberbullying" - but I fear
      > that doing so will lead to more vandals and bullies
      > attacking the site, and Wired basically saying "we
      > told you so."
      > Any thoughts on what should I do?
      > thanks,
      > andy
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      > Andy Carvin
      > andycarvin at yahoo com
      > www.andycarvin.com
      > www.pbs.org/learningnow
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