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9288Re: [WWWEDU] Brits Propose Bridging Home-School Digital Divide

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  • Steve Feld
    Jan 11, 2007
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      Here is a link to a recent article in the British Times Online about
      parents texting teachers

      At the FORWARD School of Creative Writing in the Bronx where I am
      currently serving as Technology Consultant, I've developed an
      Attendance System that enables parents and teachers to close the
      communication gap.

      This system integrates class attendance taking procedures to enable the
      teacher to utilize valuable instructional time to teach the lesson. The
      teacher initializes the program. It accurately records attendance data
      as the students scan in making them accountable for their own
      attendance. Once the scanning is complete, the program gives teachers
      access to the name of the students who are absent. It facilitates
      completion of attendance sheets.

      The data collected can be posted on the Internet at myclassinfo.org. The
      parents are invited by the teachers to be part of this community to
      access this list daily to discover if their child and their child's
      friend were present in specific classes. Personal messages can also be
      written to parents opting in to the system.

      Basically, parents also can check if their children cut school or class.
      Students are more likely to attend all their classes if they know their
      parents can check if they were cutting class on that day. The student
      instructional period is optimized. By the time the late bells rings,
      attendance is taken. The data collected for absentees can easily be used
      to send letters home using a word processor. This is especially
      important for students without phones or homes without Internet access.

      Here is a slide show presented to the parents at a recent Parent Teacher
      meeting. http://tqnyc.org/NYC051308/atm/ptaflip.htm

      Steve Feld
      Newton's Castle

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