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9156Re: [WWWEDU] Emergence of Citizen's Media

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  • Nancy Willard
    Nov 22, 2006
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      This reminds me of a story involving my daughter. There was a math teacher
      at her middle school who fortunately decided to retire. She really did not
      treat the students with respect, especially any of the more needy students.
      The school knew there were concerns. They had students complete
      questionnaires. They had people visit her class ‹ but according to my
      daughter, she always was nice whenever someone was watching her.

      So the students cooked up a scheme. They were going to use one student¹s
      video cell phone to capture images of this teacher doing what they did not
      like her doing. They never actually pulled this off. But it was interesting
      to me how 6th grade students understood the power of the technology to
      address such concerns.


      Nancy Willard, M.S., J.D.
      Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use

      Cyberbullying and Cyberthreats: Responding to the Challenge of Online Social
      Cruelty, Threats, and Distress, a resource for educators, is now available
      online at http://cyberbully.org

      Cyber-Safe Kids, Cyber-Savvy Teens: Helping Young People Use the Internet
      Safely and Responsibly. Jossey-Bass (forthcoming)

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