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8588Re: [WWWEDU] Rant

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  • Robert D. Sharp
    May 26, 2006
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      On May 25, 2006, at 7:39 PM, TeacherBC@... wrote:

      > Good evening, everyone. As I finally sit down, following a
      > sixteen-hour day
      > of the daily trivial pursuit that is often the job of a principal
      > in a
      > public school in NJ, I feel your pain...all of it.

      [snip, great stuff but...]

      > Longfellow said, "footprints on the sands of time" for them to
      > follow.

      Often the other option is to sit down and as one of my fellow
      teachers once said, "Who wants to be known for butt prints in the
      sands of time?"

      > If this is forwarded to you all, the text of "If" appears below.
      > I read it
      > at least once DAILY and it helps me to maintain that so fragile
      > hold on my
      > sanity...

      I leave the link (without the parens) . Thank you.

      > Keep the faith everyone. The whispers of this group, taken
      > collectively in
      > each of respective professions and locations, will become a
      > roaring crowd
      > when the voices are joined....
      > _Rudyard Kipling_
      > http://www.everypoet.com/archive/poetry/Rudyard_Kipling/
      > kipling_contents.htm

      You are in a position to lead but, PLEASE, don't just put the
      technology component into their evaluation goals for next year.
      Ensure they have additional leadership, resources and the help they
      need to succeed. I know all too well what happens when goals are
      placed in front of people and there is no support for attaining the
      goal. I don't know what technology support they have nor have had
      but a goal with out the proper support is a road block which becomes
      a whip at evaluation time. I doubt if you intend this but your
      description of the last principal sounds leads me to believe that
      technology has been a very low item on the support menu.

      It has been said before but warrants repeating, "If you think
      education is expensive, try ignorance."

      Bob Sharp
      6th Grade Science Teacher
      Past Middle School Representative to the NCCE Board
      Recipient of The First Annual Learning Space Achievement Awards for

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