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  • Miguel Guhlin
    May 25, 2006
      I see this rant stuff a bit differently,although I sent all my letters
      in (including Moveon.org SAVE THE INTERNET) today, too. To me, Jeff
      sounds like a voice in the wilderness. More here:

      While I can't necessarily offer an easy solution, I offer comfort that
      has worked for me. Maybe, changing the world is too big for us. Maybe,
      the expectation is that I change myself and let the world see what
      happens when one person is committed to transformation. Time and again,
      we've seen the power of transformation and divinity in a person's life.
      Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jesus, and others you may know.

      Each of us is called to be a leader, to unleash the power that is within
      us. Now, I don't want to quote what I wrote at the link above in its
      entirety, but here's a part that I really like from Edward Hays' book,
      "St. George and the Dragon and the Quest for the Holy Grail."

      Beginning a modern day quest for the Holy Grail (the Cup, not Mary
      Magdalene as portrayed in The Da Vinci Code, BTW <smile>), George
      encounters a dragon named Igor. The dragon and George have a long talk
      and eventually, George gets a ride back home on Igor's back. George
      shares his obversations that...

      From my position high on the dragon's back, I noticed that the
      dragon's body was covered with old wounds. WHenever the dragon
      breathed forth fire to light the path in front of us, I noticed that
      the wounds glowed golden-red in the dark. When I asked about them,
      the dragon replied, "Oh, my friend, I have been slain a thousand
      times, but I have always arisen again. THese old woulds are the
      source of my power and my insight. Our greatest and worst enemies
      are not the monsters who roam the forest or even wicked witches or
      evil wizards. No, it is our scars, our wounds, and old injuries that
      we must fear. As we journey through life we have all been
      injured--hurt by parents, brothers or sister, schoolmates,
      strangers, lovers, teachers. Each wound has the power to talk to us,
      you know. They speak, however, with crooked voices because of the scars.

      All of us have wounds--old ones and new ones--and whenever the
      monster appears, when hell breaks loose, we know that our old wounds
      are talking guiding us. It is these wounds that must be confronted
      (Hays, 1986).

      Like the dragon later told George, we must find a way to transform the
      power of the wounds, and not give weight to the voice of the times when
      we did our best and were rejected. The power to lead lies in the
      transformation of the crooked voices and the confrontation of the wounds.

      I disagree with Mark Ahlness' observation. Miguel Guhlin (that's me)
      isn't one of the new voices that replaces Ted Nellen or Jeff Cooper.
      Instead, I am just another middle-aged "George" trying to transform the
      wounds he's suffered, the wounds that are a part of living. I hope that
      Ted and Jeff will transform their wounds and rise again.


      Miguel Guhlin
      Email: mguhlin@...
      Blog: http://www.mguhlin.net/blog
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