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  • Greene, Dr. Patrick
    May 25, 2006
      From Jeff Cooper
      Maybe if I bang my head against the wall long enough I'll create a hole in it and then there will be a chance for a window... or a door.

      Exactly, Jeff. Ted is a bit down right now, because he had high hopes for new education in his part of NYC. Those hopes were dashed, but Ted will very soon pick himself back up and get back into the battle like he has always done.

      I heard Chris Dede once say, "If you need your fellow teachers and administrators to love you, then you are not going to be innovative enough to create the great technology infused classroom (I paraphrase)", and also "If you are afraid of pissing someone off, then you are not going to be doing the experimental work required." Remember - No Good Dead Ever Goes Unpunished. We all have to develop self-esteem within because it may be that no one else will appreciate what we're doing. So what! There is nothing wrong with putting your heart into something that you know is right but everyone else denegrates. Sooner or later a hole will appear, or maybe that will be for the next generation. Just keep on keeping on (as we used to say in the 60s).

      Patrick J Greene, PhD

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