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  • Taran Rampersad
    May 23 1:18 PM
      Just two small additions.

      dougj wrote:
      > Hi Jeff,
      > Are you going to do something about these things or just rant?
      > I will offer you the same challenge I offered the folks I read on the
      > blogosphere:
      > http://doug-johnson.squarespace.com/blue-skunk-blog/2006/5/11/doin-something
      > -about-dopa.html
      > "Here is my challenge to each of you serious, influential, and well-meaning
      > people. Please serve as a positive example by:
      > 1. Letting everyone know what professional organization(s) you belong
      > to which will provide organized lobbying against such legislation. I belong
      > to MEMO at the state level and am the legislative chair. I belong to ALA and
      > ISTE at the national level and serve on the board of ISTE.
      > 2. Sharing the sample letter you will be writing to your House
      > representatives explaining why such legislation is wrong. I am guessing most
      > of us faithful readers already are in your camp. I am working on mine
      > tonight and will post it tomorrow.
      > (Mine can now be found at:
      > http://doug-johnson.squarespace.com/blue-skunk-blog/2006/5/12/dopa-oppositio
      > n-letter.html)
      > 3. Passing along any other actions readers might take to actually
      > influence this process.
      4. Rant.
      5. Laugh.

      Repeat as necessary.

      Now for the large addition.

      Step 1. assumes a level of trust in the organizations being written to.
      Step 2. assumes a level of trust in your 'House Representatives'.

      These steps are frequently bypassed by people who instead go to 3, 4,
      and 5. This shows a disconnect between the involved parties in steps 1
      and 2. In my opinion, the whole is greater than a few people at the top,
      and doing 1 and 2 first gets a response or lack of response based on the
      mood of the recipients, as well as what works in their interest (be that
      interest personal or professional).

      However, talking about the situation and coordinating 1. and 2. will
      demonstrate that the recipients interest is indeed your interest -
      that's what lobbyist groups do (and my, what a racket a few people or
      legal entities can make).

      I have found, though, that none of this is effective without step 5.
      When you laugh at people, they ask YOU why you are laughing and are more
      receptive to what you have to say. And if you get a LOT of people
      laughing with a particularly funny rant (humor IS based on reality), you
      get a lot more people laughing as more people spread the joke.

      Further, even if you fail, at least you got to laugh and most doctors
      will recommend that laughter is good medicine.

      Now - in this context, I would offer that the Parents (you know, those
      people who are genetically or legally linked to the children somehow)
      should be involved. Because to the groups you're talking to, generally,
      they don't take educators as seriously as they should. And that's
      perhaps the main problem with 1. and 2. So, get parents and anyone who
      could possibly be a parent (the people with zygotes who haven't met) and
      have them write in. You see, they'll listen to them. They have to.
      Because they have numbers, and the interest of these groups of which you
      write are interested in numbers. Only when they see a large foot of
      numbers about to stomp on them do they truly feel the need to start

      Oh. And don't forget to laugh. A large group of laughing people is hard
      to ignore. Everyone wants to be in on the joke. :-)

      Taran Rampersad
      Presently in: San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

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