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8562Re: Be a detective (was Re: [WWWEDU] Rant)

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  • Sharon Lawler
    May 23, 2006
      Answer: Bsafe Online

      On 5/23/06, Nancy Willard <nwillard@...> wrote:

      > Hey folks.
      > See if you can be the first first person who finds the answer to this
      > question. Figure out which filtering software company whose product is
      > used in many
      > public schools is closely associated with (I would say "in bed, but we all
      > know they don't do that) the American Family Association -- an arch
      > conservative religious right group.
      > --
      > Sharon Lawler, Librarian
      > Randolph Elementary
      > Universal City TX 78148
      > 210-357-2353
      > smclawler@...

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