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  • dougj
    May 23, 2006
      Hi Jeff,

      Are you going to do something about these things or just rant?

      I will offer you the same challenge I offered the folks I read on the


      "Here is my challenge to each of you serious, influential, and well-meaning
      people. Please serve as a positive example by:

      1. Letting everyone know what professional organization(s) you belong
      to which will provide organized lobbying against such legislation. I belong
      to MEMO at the state level and am the legislative chair. I belong to ALA and
      ISTE at the national level and serve on the board of ISTE.

      2. Sharing the sample letter you will be writing to your House
      representatives explaining why such legislation is wrong. I am guessing most
      of us faithful readers already are in your camp. I am working on mine
      tonight and will post it tomorrow.

      (Mine can now be found at:

      3. Passing along any other actions readers might take to actually
      influence this process.

      Jeff, I know this sounds mean, but I have to say it: rants are meant for
      one's spouse or cat, not for colleagues. As I tell my co-workers, I'm always
      happy to listen to your solutions, but I don't get paid to listen to your

      I just hope you invest the same energy in writing your congressional
      representatives as you do this list. Join ALA and/or ISTE. Get active on a
      local level with state lobbying/information efforts.

      Yeah, I agree with every problem you list. Now lets all DO something about

      All the best,


      Doug Johnson
      Director of Media and Technology
      Mankato Area Public Schools
      Box 8713, 1351 S Riverfront Dr.
      Mankato MN 56001-8714
      Phone: 507-387-7698 x 473
      E-mail: dougj@...
      Web: www.doug-johnson.com
      Blue Skunk Blog: http://doug-johnson.squarespace.com/

      The mind that is not baffled is not employed. The impeded stream is the one
      that sings. Wendell Berry
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