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11789Motivation for middle and high school girls-attracted-to-physics

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  • ECP:::Karen
    Sep 16 11:56 AM
      recent research study 
      http://www.npr.org/ girls-attracted-to-physics
      "What we found is that in communities that had a higher percentage of women
      in the labor force who are working in science, technology, engineering and
      math, that in those schools, girls were as likely as boys to take physics,
      or even more likely... Teenage girls growing up in communities where women
      are better represented in tech are more likely to see women commenting on
      tech issues in public forums and in school discussions... By contrast,
      Riegle-Crumb said, girls growing up in communities where most working women
      are in jobs traditionally held by women such as child care or nursing might
      not see the possibilities that exist."
      Karen Ellis
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