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  • Bonnie Bracey
    Aug 1 11:49 AM
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      The FCC is considering completely reworking the E-Rate. The goal will be to
      reach President Obama's goal of providing 100 Mpbs-1 Gbps of bandwidth to
      schools serving 99 percent of students, and to provide wireless access
      inside schools. Allocating funding based on enrollment is one proposal, but
      the FCC is also considering cutting the top discount level, eliminating
      telephone service from the program, expanding eligibility of fiber leases,

      To see a brief list of the changes that the FCC is considering:

      For those with more time, here is the full Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
      It's worth reading the comments of Commissioners Rosenworcel and Pai at the
      end of the NPRM, as they lay out very different visions of what the reform
      should look like.

      And the FCC really does read the comments. I think comments from school
      districts are especially powerful. It's pretty easy to file comments
      online; here are the FCC's instructions:
      FYI, E-Rate comments should be filed in Docket 02-6. Comments are due
      September 16, 2013.

      Bonnie Bracey Sutto
      230 G Street SW
      Washington, DC

      Director, Power of US Foundation

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