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Re: [www_jewwatch_workgroup] Weltner's latest online efforts

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  • nelson waller
    What on earth are you talking about? You don t think ameriKa is a 2nd USSR today?
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 13, 2010
      What on earth are you talking about? You don't think ameriKa is a 2nd USSR today?

      ---- "jewwatch.2008" <jewwatch.2008@...> wrote:
      > It is with some trepidation that I bring to the attentions of the jewwatch-watching community the latest efforts of the founder of jewwatch
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDDctt0TMMw
      > http://www.americanussr.com/
      > While many of you would undoubtedly find these things without my pointing them out to you I wanted to be on the cutting edge of bringing them to your attention so that I could do so while putting in my "two cents".
      > I do not like the tenor of this effort. Mr. Weltner was undoubtedly badly used on behalf of the jews by the United States and it's law-enforcement organs. There's' nothing new about this and he's certainly not the first and won't be the last.
      > I detect in this recent effort the stench of personal vendetta and that's not the high moral geography from which jewwatch had been attacking the zionist/U.S. complex and for which it was so vehemently hated by those whose nefarious activities it so ably exposed.
      > While a desire for personal satisfaction is understandable I don't find this type of abuse of the public trust Mr. Weltner has built up over the years any more appropriate than the efforts of some cop to gain personal satisfaction under color-of-badge acceptable use of the position of public trust officers of the law find themselves heir to.
      > It's wrong Frank, and I know you to be better than this.
      > The ultimate revenge for what was done to you is the survival of jewwatch on the internet when so much vituperative effort was lavished upon getting it off. My personal efforts on your behalf and on behalf of keeping jewwatch from going down during your time of largely-self-caused trouble are insulted by your complete neglect of jewwatch now that it has survived and come out on the other side intact in favor instead of this petty effort of personal revenge.
      > That motive was continually hinted at for jewwatch's appearance on the internet but no "smoking gun" was ever found to back any such motivation. A legitimate counter-attack-in-kind is not the moral equivalent to a petty personal vendetta. The attack on you and your radio show and then on jewwatch was by and for those whose vile amoral agenda you expose was and is acceptable. This latest anti-U.S. tirade you are doing is an attack on a fellow victim. It's entirely appropriate to counter-attack the direct entity responsible for your being fired from your radio show because, after all, the ADL has no more standing in this nation than you or I as individuals possessed of individual rights which really don't even pertain to organizations, parties or corporations. The ADL, for instance, does not cast one single vote in a ballot box anywhere, though it's members may or those influenced by it. We do.
      > You have transferred the energy for your entirely-justifiable counterattack on those responsible for attacking you AND THE TRUTHS YOU EXPOSED unjustly--and it was an unjust attack---to an attack on a fellow victim, our nation.
      > Our nation is infested by jewties--like our child being infested by cooties. If our child is infested by head-lice it's inappropriate to punish our child. What is appropriate is to get out the high-wattage blow drier and to cook the lice and eggs and dessicate them with hot dry air. Similarly if our nation is infested with zionist LIcE we do not punish or destroy our own nation, we act to relieve it of it's infestation and care for it and commiserate with it for having been humiliated by these blood-sucking parasites. If one has a loved-one who is affected by some disease--a brain parasite of some type--which induces our loved-one t make personal attacks on us for which they in their state of diminished-capacity-through-disease are not really responsible, it is not appropriate to insult them back or belittle them.
      > I fully realize that from the perspective of the individual in such a situation it may be very difficult to refrain from doing so, but one must remember one's position-of-public-trust. I was made well-aware during my time in hell standing in for you as jewwatch responsible-party that there is a community of trust out there who have vested you with their hopes for a better future through truth-telling and who are willing to put what little disposable income they may have where your big fat mouth is. You need to be a little more respectful of the trust and hope these people have invested in you--as well as their hard-earned cash, however little it may seem compared to that arrayed against this cause---as their paladin who is above resorting to this type of childish and immoral blame-the-victim type of activity.
      > Just because you have a right to do something does not necessarily mean that it is right to do that to which you have a right.
      > I don't dispute the truthfulness of what you are linking to and archiving on your new site, but I do dispute and despise your petty motivations. You never took down the mezzuzah from the doorframe of your house the entire time you were creating and bringing jewwatch to the level of high popularity it enjoys today, and you were much-criticized by some for this. You didn't put it there but you respected the pure religious nature of the sentiment that put it there before you ever owned the dwelling.
      > Your new effort might as well just entail burning the flag. I wonder if, had your home had a brass eagle over a shield with red white and blue stars and stripes would that emblem still remain on your door out of respect for the legitimate patriotism of a hypothetical former owner's legitimate patriotism and love of his own country?
      > Let us never forget the that the greatest obscenity these jews have perpetrated is the dragging-down in their jew-sty filth of the flag of the finest nation ever on earth--the one with the greatest potential to help all peoples realize their aspirations for self-determination and the only one to achieve the most significant event to occur on this planet ( well, near it in this case) since chemistry became biology--walking on another orbital body and proving the conceptual ability to remove earth-type carbon-based life from the singular danger in which it currently exists to many safe havens, improving it's chances of survival. Currently whatever we may surmise and guess, our planet is the only known instance of self-aware self-replicating life in the entire multiverse. That is what we know, if not what we guess. The nation you are currently disparaging because it's legitimate law-enforcement organ was abused by agents of a foreign government to attack you is the only entity which has honored the rare and beautiful flower-of-life which has bloomed upon this planet by doing anything of any significance towards the end of insuring it's long-term survival.
      > Shame on you! What you do is an affront not only to a still fine and once-great nation but also to the sacrifice of all the creatures and people for hundreds of millions of years which and who have died in a desperate struggle for personal and special survival, often alone and in pain, feeling abandoned and betrayed but still valiantly struggling to draw one more breath and beat their hearts one more beat. What you are doing now sickens me Frank Weltner.
      > You may as well just post a site featuring a flash animation of a burning U.S. flag and the legend "I'm mad as hell and I want vengeance" as to take the direction you have recently taken.
      > I did not stick my neck out and sign my name publicly to the preservation of your life's work ( jewwatch.com ) when it and you were under such great stress to have you ignore and neglect it after my doing so in favor of this petty personal tirade.
      > I am disgusted, insulted, and if this continues I will be sorry I ever stepped forward in a manner helpful to you. I will never regret having done what I could to preserve jewwatch. I repudiate and disavow your current efforts. I advise you to cease and desist in moving in this new and disturbing direction. You know better.
      > James Stenzel
      > Missouri
      > U.S.A.
    • jewwatch.2008
      ... Bad as it s gotten this nation is not even close to being the equivalent of the CCCP. Weltner knows that. In the old CCCP there never would
      Message 2 of 4 , Nov 2, 2010
        --- In www_jewwatch_workgroup@yahoogroups.com, nelson waller <torpenhow@...> wrote:
        > What on earth are you talking about? You don't think ameriKa is a 2nd USSR today?

        Bad as it's gotten this nation is not even close to being
        the equivalent of the CCCP. Weltner knows that. In the old
        CCCP there never would have been any jewwatch on the internet
        and certainly no public computer network there would have been
        allowed to have compared that nation to anything considered
        uncomplimentary, such as comparing it to, say, the german nazi regime.

        But Weltner knows he has rights here--rights which were not
        possessed by those in the old CCCP and which are still possessed
        by few people anywhere else in the world than here. He is
        exploiting those rights to do something which, though he
        has a right to do it, is not right to do.

        That's what I'm talking about. I might have been a bit
        "wordy" in stating my case, but certainly there was no
        ambiguity. He is wrong in his new direction.

        If this were anything akin to the old CCCP it would be Frank
        Weltner who had been caged in a kennel in Cuba for years
        and held incommunicado, not some of the nation's legitimate
        terrorist enemies and those who know essential facts about
        same. Weltner likens being brought to the federal
        building in our area and offered a very generous
        deal which kept him out of a very expensive court battle
        --and that was the issue there, avoiding expense and loss
        of quality-of-life/standard-of-living, because the government
        really had nothing except the ability to cause him an
        expense at the end of which there would have most-likely
        been an acquittal---to being in Guantanamo.

        Let me 'splain something to you. Randy Weaver's wife did not
        deserve to be assassinated by Lon Horiuchi. That said, Randy
        Weaver, particularly in the social and political climate
        which existed at that time and which he was trying to
        escape by the very fact of where he'd taken his family,
        never ought to have sawed off the barrel of any gun without
        first obtaining the federal excise tax stamp and having the
        requisite investigations and paperwork done first. He chose
        to do that act and set himself up for the subsequent
        FBI freak-show. He went to jail and was successfully
        prosticuted under laws he knew about prior to doing what he
        did because of what he insisted upon doing--when goaded
        by some seeming-idiot who ( what a surprise ) turned out
        to be a professional government informant. He got a
        large civil settlement because the life of his wife--who
        for all Lon Horiuchi knew might have been a hostage---
        was wrongfully taken.

        So what is the matter with an individual who is begged and
        begged by some idiot he has little respect or regard for
        to do an illegal act who then goes ahead and does it in
        the full knowledge that issues such as this frequently have
        resulted in bad situations with the government which end
        badly? What is the matter with an individual who operates a
        website which is extremely unpopular with those who hold
        sway over our government ( because it tries to inform
        the citizenry about how this undue influence is obtained,
        why and by what special-interest-group) who then bull-
        headedly insists on doing something for which he is
        almost certain to be ( at least ) investigated and publicly
        humiliated and ( at worst ) prosticuted?

        If you chuse to be so-prosticuted as an effort to obtain
        some end then you really have little business complaining
        when you get what you want! I can only speculate on what
        Weltner wanted by bull-headedly precipitating first his
        investigation by the ( then ) AG for this state ( now Governor )
        and later threatened prosecution by the U.S. I have my
        suspicions. That's fine, he got what he precipitated.
        Even I could see it coming and warned him, whereupon I
        was accused of raining on his parade and queering his
        buzz. I was assured that the Great Weltner knew what he
        was doing and was in no danger as per what I was suggesting,
        but it turns out he was.

        And who wound up being the only person he could trust not to
        stab him in the back as soon as they got control of his site
        while he was legally disabled from owning or managing it?
        Me asshole, that's who. And while I owned it the site was
        not significantly damaged in any way and remained on the
        internet, a continual/continuing irritant to the same
        principalities undoubtedly behind prosticuting Weltner for
        something which would have been no problem to him had he
        been two ten-year-olds selling lemonade to raise
        money for some charitable cause.

        It's entirely justified to criticize the government for
        wrong-doing in selectively prosticuting people for
        views not liked by certain pressure groups. There's nothing
        new about that though, and it's part-and-parcel of
        government which has to be responsible to campaign contributors
        or people who make it their business to make sure only people
        with sordid pasts are elected so that they may later have
        said sordid pasts brought up in order to gain their
        compliant service. What is not justified is to make
        a claim of equivalence in such a nation to another nation
        where even pressure groups were not allowed--the government
        was the pressure group and always a creature of one group
        and with never any chance for any other to even change the
        dirty linens of government for another set.

        Weltner knows all this. He's not stupid, just arrogant.

        There is no cause for him to post the image of the national
        bird of this nation and caption it "Death to the American
        Empire". He has the right to do so ( here ) but it's not
        right for him to do it.

        In the old CCCP making such an overt statement of
        opposition to that government would have elicited (at
        the very least) instant internal exile and a complete
        cessation of any other such activities, and the site
        would not have been allowed to remain under "new management"
        either ( assuming there would have been any internet or
        sites back during the heyday of the old CCCP).

        If the further degeneration of this nation into something as
        bad or worse than the old CCCP is to be avoided it's certainly
        not to accomplished by some vindictive shit-head who is
        pursuing a personal vendetta under the guise of
        simply being informative and through the use of completely
        invalid comparisons as the mode of operation.

        Weltner likes to talk about phony operations being done
        all the time for hidden agendas. Well, there's nothing
        very hidden about the fact that after being inconvenienced
        by a government whose ire he brought down on himself
        and to whom he gave all the necessities of causing him
        problems on a silver platter Frank Weltner is now directly
        attempting to damage the United States. This is personal
        revenge. That's not to say there is nothing true contained
        in that site. Like I've pointed out many times before you
        can't tell a good lie without cutting out large swatches
        of truth to sew together in a nice big fabric of
        Frankensteinian lie.

        For Weltner to associate the telling of many inconvenient
        truths about undue jew influence over the public life of
        the United States with his personal vendetta against
        the nation which has treated him and so many others like him
        so much better than they would have been treated even in
        such benign nations as Canada is wrong, evil and
        extremely counter-productive to the cause of spreading
        the truth. Spreading the truth might someday possibly
        reverse the situation. Associating the truth with a
        sordid personal vendetta will militate against that end.

        Many people suspected me of being some crypto-jew who had
        managed to leverage influence over Weltner and gain control
        of his site. That's one good reason I never even tried to
        gain any ability to change anything on the site. Even had
        I wanted to I did not have the ability regarding the
        knowledge to change the site without risk of totally
        screwing it up so bad it would plummet from popularity like
        some wax-winged man-bat flying too close to the sun.

        I wonder now who might be suspecting Weltner himself of
        being coopted by the government when he gave them power
        over himself and that they may have struck a deal where
        he agreed to more than just to have nothing to do with
        his internet holdings ( or to have such holdings, actually)
        for a period of time? Why aren't all the paranoids now looking
        at his new effort and wondering if it doesn't serve a
        government purpose--and one of those who ( unfortunately)
        tell "our" government what to do---for him to associate
        telling the truth about undue jew influence with
        unpatriotic seditious activity?

        Are you being "set up"? Am I?

        But no, it's not that. It's even worse---it's someone who
        cannot set aside his own personal anger for the good of a
        cause so many have entrusted him to champion.

        If you don't "get it", go get some ketone-rich foodstuffs
        and give your braincells an alternative nourishment
        in lieu of the simple sugars they've evidently become incapable
        of metabolizing and try again.

        This nation protects the ability of people like you or me
        or Weltner--or even Abraham Foxman, that shit-head, to
        speak their minds. In doing so it also empowers men of
        low character to abuse the station of citizen of a
        still-mostly-free nation to the extent they put that
        status in more peril than the actual overt foreign influence
        group. It's wrong, it's unseemly and it's disgusting. It's
        also a personal insult to me who has done so much to try
        to preserve what had, until recently, been a very
        important knowledge-base on the internet regarding an
        essential-to-know-about subject. What Weltner is doing
        now imperils that which I did so much to preserve
        more than anything the Big Bad Government has done to
        Weltner. Remember, the government did nothing to his website.
        They did not attack that as "hate speech", they attacked
        arrogant Weltner when he arrogantly gave them the ability
        and so they went after the head of the snake instead of
        the snake. Now that snake-head is doing everything he
        can to prove their case against such as he.

        It's irresponsible, it's wrong, it's an affront to those who
        support the search for the truth.

        James Stenzel
      • jewwatch.2008
        ... I wonder... what ever became of the Frank Weltner who uploaded the video Is It Worth It To Confront These Zionist Criminals To Save Our Nation? ?
        Message 3 of 4 , Nov 3, 2010
          --- In www_jewwatch_workgroup@yahoogroups.com, nelson waller <torpenhow@...> wrote:
          > What on earth are you talking about? You don't think ameriKa is a 2nd USSR today?

          I wonder... what ever became of the Frank Weltner who
          uploaded the video Is It Worth It To Confront These Zionist Criminals To Save Our Nation? ?

          Note the reference to "our nation". The stated object
          of that little exercise was to "save our nation".

          Now it's "Death to the American Empire ".

          Admittedly even in the video to which I refer Weltner
          was expressing this idea of the U.S. as being the
          new CCCP. He was still identifying as a citizen of
          a nation which had been victimized.

          It was a bit much for me to listen to him calling for a
          march on Washington to "arrest" the current sitting
          government and "send them to Guantanamo". At least that
          type of activity would suggest some sort of legal
          activity---"to have them tried" and clings to the
          concept that this nation as the victim.

          Now he calls for the destruction of the nation.

          This is wrong. The aforementioned video clearly identifies
          the United States as a victim of zionism. Now Weltner
          has subtly changed his rhetoric to an indictment of
          the nation as "the American Empire".

          U.S. "imperialism" is basically the argument which was
          employed by the husband/wife Cohen spy team who were
          the most successful at attacking U.S. security surrounding
          the nuclear weapons technology in which the U.S. was
          so far ahead ( before them ).

          They were supposed spies for the CCCP, but ( of course )
          it's just coincidental that the zionists in jewsreal
          became adept at creating working nuclear weaponry after
          this Cohens security breach.

          Their little dog-and-pony show was to assail the United
          States as the moral equivalent of nazi germany
          or fascist italy to lead those working on the weapons
          for our nation to question the wisdom of giving our nation
          such a long head-start in this vital matter of national
          security. Only one egg-head was taken in, but that was

          But that was their tool and now Weltner is characterizing
          the United States in the same way, shifting subtly from
          presenting us as victims--right up to the top levels
          of power in our leadership--to a position of viewing
          our own government as the enemy to be annihilated.

          If that ever happened Weltner and all the rest of the
          people in the world would be very sorry. Isn't it
          good enough for him that we've come so close to what he
          now seems to be seeking by uninformed voters who
          will write a blank check for "change", never even bothering
          to inquire about what the change might be further than
          having some vague fantasy about what they hope it might be?

          That's not bad enough?

          The United States is a victim of zionism, it is not
          the source of it.

          Weltner is miffed at the United States and has taken it
          as a personal affront now that the United States has
          been victimized by the zionists in such a way as that
          it has affected his personal bottom-line and put him
          under a little stress. What did he expect? He's seen it
          happen to others--why didn't he scrupulously avoid doing
          anything which might give the zionists pressuring
          "our" government officials to attack him through
          the law something to work with instead of charging
          head-first towards that end?

          One almost wonders if all-along he might have been
          headed in this direction and may not have literally
          begged for his own prosecution/persecution so as to appear
          to some people to have a legitimate cause to turn against
          his own nation--a fellow victim.

          When we turn on each other and attack each other that is
          what the zionists want us to do. Then we are diverted
          from attacking their influence on us--including in "us"

          That's what THEY want. Why is he going down their path?

          What really went on in the room in the federal building?
          What was the real deal cooked up by our poor long-
          suffering government on behalf of the zionists?

          It's a very subtle distinction between someone who
          attacks only the individual instruments of the zionist
          tyranny against us AND OUR GOVERNMENT. In the video to
          which I refer Weltner compares Bush unfavorably to
          hitler crouching in his bunker and slitting every
          throat ( figuratively ) which does not utter the
          words he so wants to hear.

          I never agreed with this assessment, I view Bush as a
          fellow victim, set up by the zionists to be in a position
          from which he hoped to help his nation but from which he was
          blackmailed into helping them always first.

          That generates sympathy in me, not contempt, and I never
          agreed with Weltner on this, but still he was fundamentally
          a citizen of this nation and ( supposedly ) concerned about
          what was being done to it--to HIS nation.

          But now I wonder what he considers to be his nation?

          The dissolution of this nation to get rid of the zionist
          influence it serves all too often is like finding out
          your kids have lice and taking them out in the front yard
          and blowing their heads off with your shotgun.

          Why not toast their hair and scalp with a blow-drier
          instead? Wouldn't that do the job just as well and
          preserve our childrens' lives? Wouldn't that be

          You all know by now that I believe the United States to
          be viewed by zionists in the form of a "golem" and
          that I believe the jew understanding of the golem myth
          to be different from the gentile understanding of it's
          meaning. I believe that myth is crafted so non-jew
          minds will view it as a cautionary tale meaning
          "do not make golems". I believe the jew understanding
          of the myth to be "make the golem, but destroy it immediately
          after using so that it has no chance to run amok against
          you and your interests".

          I believe our nation is currently being destroyed very
          effectively by jew influenced policies and to
          do anything supportive of destroying our nation is to
          work in sympathy with what the jews themselves--zionists
          in particular--truly seek.

          I think most people who post here now understand that the
          jews can profit quite well from destroyed nations as they
          do from seemingly strong and vital nations ( but infected
          with the national HIV of zionist influence and not truly
          healthy ). It's no disadvantage to their interests to
          have a destroyed U.S. now that it's national might and
          status as First World Power has served their
          primary purpose for it.

          They do not want the U.S. to continue beyond the securing
          of the physical state of "israel" because they see every
          moment of it continuing beyond that achievement as a
          threat--the threat of the U.S. becoming self-aware and seeking
          only it's own best interests. If they lose interest in
          their zeal to control us--because their current most-sought-
          after goal has been manifested--then their waning interest
          leaves a vacuum of "leadership" and nature abhors a vacuum.

          Any of a number of developing scenarios can ensue from
          other foreign interests taking over ( possibly to the
          detriment of zionist interests ) to complete self-awareness.

          I can well imagine that zionist strategists would view the
          the U.S. as becoming fully-self-aware as their worst nightmare.
          The thought which would underlie any such change to total
          self-awareness would involve perceiving the extent to which this
          nation had been abused in the cause of zionism, and the zionists
          would rightfully fear retribution. Nations are not individuals,
          they are not governed by a code of laws ( though there is
          a pretense) but rather are governed only by relative
          military and/or economic might wielded by each against the
          other. After what's been done to our nation I can easily accept
          that it's own becoming-aware would be a worse fate than having
          the jewrabs fill in the misleadership vacuum created by
          the jews vacating that "office".

          That's what happened to one of their first major attempts at a
          golem---xianity. They call it the Roman Catholic ( or
          Universal ) Church, and the jews have been biting it's
          ankles ever since it first evinced self-awareness and
          stated editing the "magical scroll placed beneath
          it's tongue" to it's own advantage. That's when the
          original most powerful branch of xianity developed it's
          own effective bureaucracy and began picking and chusing
          between gospels and books those which best expressed
          what they saw as useful to their own agenda for increasing
          and holding on to power.

          That's the lesson of the golem.

          They learn. They don't want to repeat that mistake.

          Why does Weltner now want to help them in this vile cause
          instead of wanting to "strike while the iron is hot"
          and forge a better United States by trying to
          fill the leadership vacuum as the zionists lose interest
          and go on to their next golem?

          Of course knowing their subject well any resistance to
          the destruction of golem U.S.A. will become their next
          "hot spot" in their war for world dominion, and they
          have a lot of power on their side to fight with. But why
          assist them in this end? Make them fight for it!

          But now it seems to me Weltner has jumped sides.


          Has anyone ever suspected him of working for them
          "behind enemy lines" all along? I must admit the thought
          has crossed my mind many times.

          I'm sure it crossed the minds of the local chapter of the
          National Alliance many times when the mezzuzah on Weltner's
          door frame continued to be there. I could accept that
          this was simple respect for a pure religious sentiment
          and I also think that the religious aspects of everyone's
          religious ideas ought to be tolerated or even respected,
          if we happen to be of a respectful nature. There's
          no harm in that if we can effectively winnow through
          the pure religious nature of any group belief and
          the inevitable political aspects which attend any
          religion once it gets beyond the point of scattered
          unorganized zealot cults loosely bound by some common
          belief different from anyone else.

          The National Alliance were suspicious. It didn't take much
          to get them to reject Weltner's attempts to lead them
          off in his own direction. They responded quite nicely to
          the efforts of a jew working in the area's only
          major paper to suggest that Weltner must be a homosexual.

          All they needed was an excuse, and the jew was happy
          to provide one to them. They were happy to grasp at that
          straw and use it to reject what seemed to be some pretty
          effective and positive leadership.

          One wonders what the true causal effects are and which
          influence acted on which subject...

          Who and what really has created that being named Frank
          Weltner and his current subtle shift in focus?

          Now, I will fully admit that I thought Frank to be treading
          some rather dangerous and non-productive paths all along. I
          always had my doubts about his motivations but the main
          thrust of what he was doing was to simply reveal the zionist
          influence over our nation and that of other nations
          and to me that seemed a good thing. That was because of
          zionism being a pernicious foreign influence acting to the
          detriment of the valid national interests of my nation,
          not because I did not understand zionism to be a valid
          mode of operation for jews. I don't find the stated goal of
          zionism to be evil. It's the zionism of actual-fact which
          can only been seen as evil to those outside it. Once one
          understands that their interest in "their own nation" is a
          sham to cover-up the fact they view every other nation as
          a parasite views a host ( and thus having no need to have
          it's own strong body ) that zionism seems evil.

          And so I can't view evil-seeming things done by my own
          nation in a legitimate belief ( even if it can be proven
          wrong ) that there is a valid threat being dealt with as
          "evil". We genuinely seek to have our own nation to
          take care of it's own defense, not as a canard to keep others
          from noticing we make their nations take care of our
          needs for security or "general welfare".

          I don't think I'm out-of-line to express this
          objection to Weltner's new focus. I think that even though he is his own person and
          I exercise no control over him that it would be entirely
          appropriate, after my helping-hand when he found himself
          in a spot where he could trust nobody else who was willing
          to help him in this way, he exercise some consideration
          towards my concerns. Isn't it enough for him that he
          has prevailed--was spared impoverishing himself in some
          defense against specious charges AND got to regain the site
          which was the oh-so-obvious target of the government's
          attack on him? Where I come from that's called "winning".
          Winning any dispute under law is a lot like "winning" a
          labor action. You "won", but you never make up the lost
          income during the strike. If you win a civil suit how nice
          for you--but try to collect if the loser is a determined
          wrong-doer with no respect for rule-of-law. What is the
          pressing need to go beyond resuming the activity the
          government really sought to suppress? He came out of
          the whole deal owning everything he owned going in and
          once-again able to operate and own the main "bone of
          contention" ( even if that was not the stated pretext
          in the government's threatened "case" against him ).
          Considering who he was really up against he was coming
          out far ahead not to have been jailed on some trumped-up
          specious charge. Anything beyond that is all gravy.

          If he'd told me before I bought the site off him that
          his activities after getting through the self-made
          mess would be to largely ignore the website I was
          preserving for him and to change his focus to an
          overt attack against our nation I would have told him
          to go find someone else to help him. So far he has not
          changed one iota of html code on the site since he's
          resumed ownership to reflect his resumption of ownership
          not to mention not updating anything substantive on the
          site. Instead he pours all his efforts into this personal
          vendetta first. I don't mind that the site still identifies
          me as having all rights to the videos or as presenting
          the site. So far I've gotten and passed-on one monetary
          donation at my home address. That doesn't bother me and
          I didn't even take an "administrative fee" for doing so.
          For my integrity and care towards Frank Weltner's stated
          concerns when I stepped forward and offered to help him
          in his time-of-need it seems a bit objectionable for him
          to almost totally ignore the site I preserved for him
          and instead pour all his efforts into a direction he
          knows I find objectionable. We have no agreement to
          the contrary but it seems to be the behavior of an
          ingrate and only in-service of seeking personal satisfaction.
          It's not as if this new effort is likely to result in any
          positive change-for-the-better of anything ( or even the
          personal satisfaction he's seeking, for that matter, although
          if he doesn't watch his rhetoric it's liable to get him in
          even worse trouble than he got himself in before).

          I'm not trying to call down a fatwah on the man for
          disappointing me after I more than satisfied his need
          of assistance in time-of-need. He's got his right to state
          any opinion he claims to have for whatever motivation--except
          those which entail breaking laws, like as if he were
          threatening to foment a revolution unless the government
          paid him to stop... I guess you can be accused of trying
          to extort a government. I'm just expressing my
          disapproval, and I have the right to that too.

          I've said before, he has a right to do what he is
          doing but not everything one has as a right is the
          same thing as the right thing to do.

          I will continue criticizing this new direction he's taken
          both personally to him and on this little forum.

          In my view it's an attempt to take the moral high-ground
          established in years of the existence and persistence
          of jewwatch on the internet and to convert it to a petty
          personal attempt at gaining personal satisfaction at
          a government which is just as much a victim in
          it's persecution of him as he is for being the subject
          of it.

          The holohoax if full of incidences where, supposedly,
          jews were forced by nazis to victimize their own kind.
          Many jews did hate these jews who took advantage of
          anything they could to better their personal living
          conditions at the expense of their fellow jews in camps.

          I'm sure it did happen, though perhaps the supposed organized
          or pervasive and officially-sanctioned nature of these occurrences
          may be over-stated. So shouldn't jews supposedly tortured
          into victimizing their fellow jews in the concentration/forced
          labor camps be viewed by history as victims? If a brother
          has a sister who has an emotional problem of being a slut
          uses her as a prostitute for his own economic benefit,
          is it not still acceptable to view her as a victim even
          though she has a personality flaw which makes her
          susceptible to this type of victimization/exploitation?

          Nations are vulnerable.

          They're not individuals and not subject to being viewed
          or judged in the same light as we might judge an individual
          but there are parallels.

          The U.S. has real security needs. A relatively small but
          well-placed group of key politicians destroyed the ability
          of the United States to do intelligence operations it needed
          as a matter of national security. This was done with the able
          help of well-placed media people who never tired of
          complaining about "human-rights violations" to the constituents of the politicians whose
          acquiescence in the slitting of our own national-interest
          throats was required in order to achieve making us dependent
          upon other nation intelligence agencies. So our nation
          in it's vulnerability with it's free press was
          blinded and then misled by it's tiny monster it spawned
          out of a seeming legitimate need to stop the spread of "communism". We know who created communism and the need
          it caused. Go look up the names of the most vociferous
          critics of supposed U.S. excess in pursuit of legitimate
          national security goals--and also the names and monied-
          interests behind the situations these excesses were
          in response to.

          It's after our own citizenry became disenchanted with our
          own efforts on our own behalf to find out about and
          interdict operations against our military and interests-abroad
          that we became increasingly dependent upon the mossad and
          shin-bet and when zionist influence exploded and our
          national "stock" really began to plummet.

          So when Weltner originally gained currency by decrying
          this situation is he now "piling on" in our national
          destruction and the deactivation of the zionists'
          Golem U.S.A.?

          You don't find this the least little bit suspicious?

          I've always resented some things the United States had
          done to me personally and I guess I could have
          motives to seek revenge in it's destruction and
          be expected to do things which would further
          this. In fact, there was a time in my life when I probably
          would have welcomed a zionist-designed destruction
          of my own nation because I was immature and poorly
          informed and had not bothered to consider just exactly
          how bad it could get here if the nation were

          Then along came an awareness that my nation was actually
          under attack and the victim of an evil conspiracy
          ( zionism ) and that many of my complaints were really
          complaints against things which were brought into being
          by that evil conspiracy. That's when my internal paradigm
          changed and I began seeing myself as a faithful
          citizen of this nation again--I had been programmed
          to see myself that way as a child and embraced that
          status enthusiastically until I was of an age when I could
          start to "think for myself" ( though with all too many of this
          it meant only having the personal autonomy to let someone else
          do my thinking for me--the jews, what a surprise). Then I
          became of the ilk which would have been vulnerable to the
          Cohens at Los Alamos, had I been one of the nuclear
          weapons-program egg-heads.

          And then along came the revelations regarding the U.S.S.
          Liberty in our own supposedly-totally-jew-controlled press.

          Where did that come from? I was being presented with some
          totally new information which was not the official
          party line and was also not in consonance with the official
          non-conformist line either. I was simply presented with the
          amazing/shocking information and allowed to draw my own
          conclusion from it in light of all the other information
          making up the basis of the current understanding of the
          world geo-political situation.

          Needless to say, being inclined to try to or to want to
          feel I was thinking for myself I actually managed to
          crawl out of the comfortable intellectual cocoon created for me
          by various anti-American jew agents and to actually begin
          thinking for myself.

          I've been at it ever since and it has not made me
          very popular. I was not very surprised by the many
          other shocking revelations Weltner dredged up and put on
          his website--and spoke verbally on his local radio show
          before jewwatch was ever on the www.

          I've made my own conclusions, some similar but not identical
          to those who typically populate the anti-zionist
          "movement" , to the extent any such thing even exists
          ( which is to no actual extent at all ) and I've
          managed to ferret out a few cogent facts which I consider
          to be essential for the understanding of how things are,
          I've made my own internal model of how it all meshes
          and have been attempting to convince others ever since.

          I thought Frank Weltner was at least at the same
          task, even if his model of the situation might be slightly
          different than mine. Now I'm not so sure. Now I'm wondering
          just what he's really been up to all along.

          One thing known and admitted by him is that he's been used
          badly by the law-enforcement authorities. From where I sit
          they could have been a lot rougher on him, especially
          if he were as important as he views himself to be.

          Sometimes I think he's guilty of being too ready to
          accept the jew hype trumped up against him and to revel
          in the negatives he's had heaped upon his head like
          a thorny crown.

          And now I'm pretty sure this latest effort he's involving
          himself in is all about him and little to do with
          anything of any valid concern to anyone else.

          I'm sure there are a lot of us out there who have had our
          toes trod on by law enforcement and found out about the
          empty promise of being "equal under the law". That's an
          ideal--at least we who live in the U.S. live in a nation
          which holds that ideal to be of worth. That's something,
          even if the implementation leaves much to be desired.

          But are there so many people who are so petty that they
          would be willing to destroy the greatest most just and
          most decent nation the earth has ever seen ( not to mention
          most powerful and most likely to realize the true potential
          of the human species ) just to seek personal revenge for
          wrongs done them by bureaucrats? Sometimes you've got to
          step back away from your own personal agony and look at
          the long view. I guess my claims to live in the best
          finest nation must sound jingoistic, but in light of what exists
          outside this nation it's not as big a brag as it sounds
          to be...

          I beseech any of you considering whether or not to follow
          Weltner in his crusade to destroy the United States to
          reconsider and to examine your own motivations for personal
          affronts for which you seek restitution-through-overkill. When
          a government is pitted against an individual that which
          the government considers a mere slight insult begins to look
          a lot like the total destruction of our whole life. There's
          a huge disparity between the power of that government which
          has seized you up in it's claws unjustly and begun to shake
          you in it's jaws. It's unfair.

          But should we hate the bear because she tears us up when we come
          between her and her cubs just because she is so much more
          powerful than we are? Should we hunt her down later and kill
          her, or should we do a little investigation and find out
          that carrying industrial-strength pepper-spray might fend off
          such attacks in the future and go with the pepper-juice?

          There's just nothing this nation has done to which Weltner
          is now pointing his accusatory finger which has not been done
          by other nations when they felt threatened. Even using the
          mostly-invalid comparison between standards for nations
          and individuals the issue in a shooting is
          whether the person doing the shooting could be said by " a
          reasonable person" to have FELT themselves in dire danger with
          no other option.

          That's why when the mexican serial-killer angel rezendez
          was running amok a man in south-eastern Missouri shot his
          drunk neighbor who was scratching at his door in the
          erroneous belief he was trying to get into his own home
          the shooter was not charged with a crime. He shot his
          neighbor, not angel rezendez, but the authorities investigating
          the shooting felt that a jury would see it as a
          reasonable action to shoot through an opaque door at
          whoever was outside trying to gain entrance when rezendez
          was still on the loose killing random people who
          lived near rail lines.

          And Frank needs to view what was done to him in a
          similar light. Jew influence has caused the various
          prosticutors to be hyper-afraid of "racism" and
          to be ultra-sensitive to the issue and over-zealous in
          employing any tool in their not-inconsiderable bag-of-
          tricks in attacking what all the gold-plated
          "experts" assure them to be "racism" or "antisemitism".

          Witch-hunts are whipped up and then exploited by those who
          find them useful. There's nothing new about it. It's one of
          the uglier aspects of nations and governments charged with
          enforcing laws to create at least some semblance of an
          orderly existence in which some measure of human progress may
          take place. Engineers would call this noise and distortion
          or operating inefficiencies and friction. Who will be the
          first to go out in their driveway and have their functioning
          car towed off to the metal recycling compactor because not
          every single molecule of fuel it uses winds up propelling
          us down the road?

          No, we try to tune the car as best we can, maybe spend a few
          more dollars now on better tires to save ten times as
          much in fuel over the life of the tires and we go on
          the best we can.

          Frank now wants to have the nation hauled off to the
          Great Recycler of Nations just because he's noticed
          an annoying rattle...

          There are probably few people more susceptible to being
          annoyed to the point of distraction by minor nuisances
          than myself. It doesn't mean I go out in the street and
          start blasting away with my military-style assault
          weapon every time some shambling Obamazoid cruises
          up my street with his car stereo turned up so loud it
          permeates every cubic centimeter of my home. There
          are other things to try to do about it; less destructive
          things both to the nuisance-foister and to myself.

          While we can't even hold a nation to the same standards
          a we hold another annoying individual, our end of it
          is still equivalent--we can hold ourselves to the same
          standard in either being annoyed by our "neighbor" or
          annoyed by our nation. We are an individual in
          either case, even if our tormentor is not.

          I'm of the opinion that Frank has wandered off the
          reservation and is no longer coloring within the
          lines and needs to take stock of himself and what
          he's doing and see if he really thinks it's appropriate
          or productive.

          I've judged it petty personal revenge and that's always
          been one of the most frequently-resorted-to charges the
          jews have used against him airing their dirty laundry.

          But how come the same man who can constantly cling to
          the defense of not hating anyone and not wanting any
          harm to come to the jews ( only them to desist in the
          harm they do ) suddenly begin trying to harm his nation
          simply because it has been abused by jews in the
          service of their damnable zionism? That's not
          consistent and it's unseemly and counterproductive.

          He ought to stop it.

          James Stenzel
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