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today's wwftd is... perdurance

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  • tsuwm
    the worthless word for the day is: perdurance [fr. perdure
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2013
      the worthless word for the day is: perdurance

      [fr. perdure < L. perdurare : to endure, persist]
      (also, perduration)
      the state or quality of being everlasting:
      permanence, persistence

      "These and other recent incidents of religiously
      inspired violence.. give powerful testimony, not
      only to the perdurance and revival of centuries-old
      intra-religious conflicts.."
      - Marty & Appleby, The Glory and the Power (1992)

      "Only [her] long habit of taking the temperature of
      her own racism, of her biases and stereotypes about
      young black males (or about the ironhard perdurance
      of their grandmothers) enabled [her] to set aside
      (for the time being) her gut reaction--the boy was
      - Michael Chabon, Telegraph Avenue (2012)

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