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today's wwftd is... vigneron

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    the worthless word for the day is: vigneron [F.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2008
      the worthless word for the day is: vigneron

      [F. < vigne, vine] /VEEN yuh RO(n)E/
      winegrower, viticulturist

      (an assist to Barry MacDonald on this)

      "Away from her roles as actress and guru, she (sc.
      Kerry Armstrong) is a vigneron, pressing grapes at
      her property near Eltham and bottling a fine drop
      that is sometimes finer than others."
      - The Age (Australia) May 4, 2008

      "Wine lovers have garnered the image of the passionate
      vigneron into an almost spiritual figure, one who
      translates the mysteries of the soil into wine."
      - Artvoice Apr 23, 2008

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