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1894today's wwftd is... dunducketty

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  • tsuwm
    Feb 12, 2014
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      the worthless word for the day is: dunducketty

      [fr. dun + duck(?)]
      Brit. colloq. or dial.
      in phr. dunducketty mud-colour
      of a dull, drab color

      "It is better than all white, or dunduckety mud-colour paint."
      - Mary Kingsley, Travels in West Africa (1897)

      NB: OED also gives this quasi-citation..
      [1847 J. O. Halliwell, Dict. Archaic & Provinc. Words,
      Dunduckity-mur, an indescribable colour, but rather dull. Suffolk.]

      this has been further garbled, and picked up by various word
      collectors (you can look it up) as dunduckytimur,
      a dull but indescribable colour