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1883today's wwftd is... ept

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  • tsuwm
    Dec 27, 2013
      the worthless word for the day is: ept

      [back-formation fr. inept < L. ineptus < L. in- + aptus]
      (so the positive of inept is actually apt)
      used as a deliberate antonym of inept: adroit, appropriate,
      effective; hence, eptitude

      "I am much obliged.. to you for your warm, courteous, and
      ept treatment of a rather weak, skinny subject."
      - E. B. White (1936 letter)

      "The Foreign Secretary has a deserved reputation for being
      an accident prone speechmaker, and his eptitude—if that is
      a word—is sometimes questionable."
      - Guardian, 3 Nov. 1970

      and, seemingly ineptly used:
      "She brought him home, we figured, OK, horny kid, way too
      much screen time, socially ept as they ever get.."
      - Thomas Pynchon, Bleeding Edge (2013)

      Best of the season to all!