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1864today's wwftd is... antiphrasis

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  • tsuwm
    Aug 5, 2013
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      the worthless word for the day is: antiphrasis

      [fr. Gk antiphrazein, to express by the opposite]
      the use of words in senses opposite to the generally
      accepted meanings or the use of a word in this way
      usually for humorous or ironical purposes
      thus, antiphrastically: in an antiphrastic manner

      "Formerly, kings dressed up as shepherds; nowadays,
      to wear for a fortnight clothes from a cheap chain-
      store is for them the sign of dressing up. Yet another
      sign of democracy: to get up at six in the morning.
      All this gives us, antiphrastically, information on a
      certain ideal of daily life: to wear cuffs, to be
      shaved by a flunkey, to get up late."
      - Roland Barthes, Mythologies (tr. A. Lavers, 1972)