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  • eliza wilson
    Due to a whole bunch of homewerk I have to do that I ve waited last minute for, I will not be able to do my regular segment today! lo siento! I m sorry! here s
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006
      Due to a whole bunch of homewerk I have to do that I've waited last minute for, I will not be able to do my regular segment today! lo siento! I'm sorry! here's a few quik updates but they wont be in regular (time consuming) fashion.
      WWE News: Triple H, Stacy, Legends, Lots More- Nicole Zussman was hired by the YES Network as VP of human resources. Previously, Zussman was head of WWE's human resources department. There is a new section up under Triple H's bio on WWE's web site, called Ten Times The Champ.
      - Barbara Goodish, the widow of Bruiser Brody, signed a WWE legends contract. You may have noticed a Bruiser Brody action figure at your local retail store.
      - Stacy Keibler will be on Tuesday's "Entertainment Tonight" (check your local listings).
      According to Dave Meltzer, Blackjack Lanza & Blackjack Mulligan will be inducted as a tag team into the WWE hall of fame. Bobby Heenan will induct the team. As announced last night, "Mean" Gene Okerlund will be inducted by Hulk Hogan.
      Tony Atlas is to be inducted by S.D. Jones.
      The hall of fame ceremony takes place 4/1 at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago and will air on the USA network at 11EST.
      WWE News: Sid Vicious-WrestleMania?, Stacy's Contract, Hogan, More Sid Vicious was actually considered for a role at this year's Wrestlemania in a main event match. It didn't pan out though, for whatever reason. Vicious wrestled on a few independent shows last year. WWE.com has conducted with Matthew Cardona. He earned a developmental contract after his tryout at the Nassau Coliseum two weeks ago. His best friend and tag team partner Brian Myers was signed as well.
      Stacy Keibler's WWE contract will be expiring in July.
      From NYPost.com: February 28, 2006 -- KID Rock celebrated being single this weekend by showing up with ten models at Pangaea at the Hard Rock Hotel/Casino in Hollywood, Fla., where he was joined by his buddy Hulk Hogan and the Hulkster's va-va-voom daughter Brooke, who drew a lot of male attention despite the wrestler's glowering presence. Kid Rock, who recently broke up with Jimmy Choo divorcée Tamara Mellon, wound up deejaying for an hour, and was then overheard telling someone in his entourage: "It does not get better than this: babes, booze and music."
      Another WWE WrestleMania poster has been released. It features Rey Mysterio jumping off the top rope doing a mid cross body dropping onto Chavo Guerrero. Also it features fans in the background and a WWE cameraman on the bottom left. The poster also features the logo for WrestleMania 22 along with the tagline "Big Time". The poster again confirms the start time of the event as 7pm EST time.
      PEACE OUT! Hopefully, I'll be able to do my NewZ  tomarrow!  But now that I've done this just now, I don't really see a difference!! Who'd a thonk it!!

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