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  • eliza wilson
    Yay!! It s February first and all ready a start to a hurrendous month!!
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
      Yay!! It's February first and all ready a start to a hurrendous month!!<< Woah hay hold on there a second split personality, (i've now come to terms with it, remember all them types my computer would "magically begin to type messages from another dimension? well that was actually me. Go figure!) let's not get all wided up, It's Black History month, the sad part is Coretta Scott King died on the eve of it . You'll be in our hearts and the hearts of others! But anyways, this isn't a Black history month/ Coretta Scaott King group. Nah, this is a WWE group!                   
      This week's RAW saw the contiuation of WWE's recent success in the ratings department, pulling a 4.5 rating for the second week running.
      The first hour came in at 4.4, with the number growing to 4.6 for the second hour. This is a good number coming out of Sunday's Royal Rumble PPV.
      Released WWE Star At TNA PPV; Backstage Notes From PPVTNA officials are in New York City today meeting with Spike TV execs about TNA's iMPACT! moving to a primetime slot.
      Rumors on the net indicate that the night will be Thursday although others say a final decision has not been made.
      The decision to move the show to weeknights has already been made, and the meetings today will help determine that movement. There is no word on whether the show would be turned into two hours.
      More on this breaking story as I get it!!
      Lucha Va Voom who are an indy promotion in California have announced that their February 15 show in Los Angeles, California would be the final appearance of Luchador Super Porky as he's signed a WWE contract.
      Super Porky is a huge star in Mexico, also known as Brazo de Plata, Porky is a real ring comedian who can turn on a dime and brawl with the bloody best of them - sort of Oliver Hardy with the temper of Sean Penn.
      It is most likely that the Junior Division on SmackDown will return soon enough. <<Are they gonna try and debut him there? That ought to be a slap in the face if that's wuts gonna happen!! On a side not, i reaaly like this red highlite w/ the lite blue font color!
      News on the Rock, Austin free from WWE,
Goldberg to TNA rumors, site changes and moreGridiron Gang, the latest movie starring The Rock, has been receiving favorable reviews from those who have attended special screenings of the film. It should be noted that Be Cool, which starred The Rock, also received favorable reviews at screenings only to be hammered by critics when it was released.
      Steve Austin's scheduled film The Condemned is still in limbo as far as when production begins. It was supposed to start in March, which is why Austin opted not to go forward with his planned WrestleMania match with Hulk Hogan, however it's still unknown when production will begin. As it stands, Austin is still out as far as a match with WrestleMania goes, which has left WWE struggling to find a suitable replacement for a dream match (I don't think Vince McMahon - Shawn Michaels quite cuts it).
      Meanwhile, Austin's contract is only for 3 movies and is not a wrestling contract so he is free to wrestle anywhere at this point. It is highly unlikely (actually almost impossible) that Austin would ever go to TNA due to his heat with the Jarretts.
      There have been rumblings that TNA has been talking with Goldberg about coming in. Apparently the talks are in the preliminary stages.

      Theodore R. Long

      Real name: Theodore R. Long
      Height: 5'10"
      Weight: 160 lbs.
      Date of birth: September 15, 1955
      Hometown: Birmingham, AL
      Pro debut: 1988
                         ^^^^^^^<<<idk y i put this here!

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