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RAW Results, 01/27/02

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  • Peter Pan <fkuimostpopularguy@yahoo.com>
    Bischoff presents The Stone Cold Truth ; Kane unmasked! The world has already heard one side of the Stone Cold Steve Austin story, and thanks to Eric
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2003
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      Bischoff presents 'The Stone Cold Truth'; Kane unmasked!

      The world has already heard one side of the Stone Cold Steve Austin
      story, and thanks to Eric Bischoff, the second half is now being told
      in RAW Magazine!
      Bischoff revealed the cover of the new magazine Monday night during
      RAW. "The Stone Cold Truth" is Austin's account of the circumstances
      that led to his abrupt departure from WWE. The 12-page story gives
      the Texas Rattlesnakes thoughts on Triple H, The Rock, his wife Debra
      and much more! It's clearly a must-read!

      Match Results:

      1.Booker T def. Jeff Hardy

      2.D'Lo Brown def. The Hurricane

      3.WWE Women's Championnship: Victoria def. Trish Stratus
      ----------Victoria managed to retain her WWE Women's Championship
      against Trish Stratus in a brutal Chicago Street Fight. The post-
      match action was equal to the intense physicality that took place
      during the match. Without warning, former Women's Champion Jazz raced
      into the squared circle and assaulted Trish! Jazz, who had been
      recovering for a torn ACL, suplexed the defenseless Diva and held her
      in the STF hold before making her exit!

      4.World Tag Team Championship: Lance Storm & William Regal def. The
      Dudley Boyz
      ----------The Dudley Boyz seemed to have luck on their side in their
      quest to regain the World Tag Team Championship. The Dudleys met
      William Regal and Lance Storm in their worldwide-known favourite
      event: a Tables Match! The event, though, was clearly rigged by Chief
      Morley to favor the defending champs Regal and Storm. Once the
      Dudleys managed to incapacitate Storm and Regal, D-Von went in search
      of tables to finish the deal, but there was no wood to be found
      beneath the ring. Chief Morley appeared on the entranceway with a
      table, taunting the Dudleys. When the challengers advanced toward
      Chief, 3-Minute Warning (Rosey, Jamal and Rico) burst in and savagely
      attacked them! Spike Dudley showed up and tried to help his brothers,
      but it was too little too late. Rosey and Jamal slammed D-Von through
      the wood to get the win for the defending Tag Team Champions.

      5.Battle of Tough Enough 3 Champs: Matt Cappotelli fought John
      Hennigan to a No Contest
      ----------Just days after being named Tough Enough 3 Champions, Matt
      Cappotelli and John Hennigan locked up in a one-on-one match during
      RAW! But shortly after the opening bell rang, Christopher Nowinski
      raced in and stopped the action. Nowinski said he didn't like how the
      two champs were flaunting their status on RAW and rubbing in the fact
      that he --the Harvard graduate-- didn't come away with a Tough Enough
      trophy. Suddenly, Tommy Dreamer raced into the ring and chased
      Nowinski away! Dreamer proceded to welcome Cappotelli and Hennigan to
      WWE with a handshake... and a smack to the head with a Singapore Cane!

      6.Triple H and Batista def. Kane and Rob Van Dam
      ----------The evening's main event featured a tag team match pitting
      Kane and Rob Van Dam against Triple H and Batista. When the action
      spread outside the ring, Batista attacked Kane and ripped off the Big
      Red Monster's mask! Horrified that his scarred face might be
      revealed, Kane sprinted backstage and left Rob Van Dam to fend for
      himself. Mr. Monday Night (Rob Van Dam) held his own for a bit, but a
      Batista powerbomb was too much for RVD to overcome. After the bell,
      Ric Flair and Randy Orton helped exact a harsher beating on RVD,
      until Scott Steiner raced in with a steel pipe! Steiner, who will get
      a shot at the No. 1 Contender's spot next week against Chris Jericho,
      was soon overcome by the four men and also Y2J! Big Poppa Pump
      Steiner was left a bloody mess with Jericho looming overhead hurling
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