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  • Grant Casci
    Hi Alun, Excellent discussion... Grant, thanks for your post.No feathers ruffled,only a desire to suggest by return that you may have subtly
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22 3:01 AM
      Hi Alun,

      Excellent discussion...

      Grant, thanks for your post.No feathers ruffled,only a
      desire to
      suggest by return that you may have subtly
      misunderstood what I was
      saying and responded to your idea of who I might be
      instead of what
      I was infact suggesting!

      Quite probable, although I'd question the 'subtle' tag... friends have told
      me I'm about as subtle as a thrown brick. The one disadvantage to this
      medium of email is the difficulty in correcting misconceptions on the fly.
      True conversation is best, but on the good side, if it wasn't for email, we
      wouldn't be having this discussion in the first place aye [grin]

      My wish for music is that it should be enjoyed.Who
      am I to
      suggest what the RIGHT way might be.But there is a
      between enjoyment and benefit.I would encourage anyone
      to explore
      music ( any style) for its own intrinsic value.

      Very true. My misconception was the impression that you felt this was the
      ONLY way music should be used. I think you inadvertently pushed one of my
      buttons. More grist for the self-improvement mill [sheepish grin]

      Everything we do affects us as a
      whole--it was my contention that ( in my last post ) the
      everpresentness of music as a background could in
      the longer term
      dilute a truer appreciation of it.Im not taking
      myself seriously by
      saying this, but trying to limit the dumbing down
      of music by
      overpopularising a small section of it eg the Four
      Seasons.IMO the
      effect of this is to chunk music and does not help with the
      development of the capacity to give attention.

      Agree to disagree ??? Different strokes maybe!

      Now, to your use of the word beneficial.Is it
      a benefiicial
      use of music if it helps you to study? Yes, of
      course, in one
      sense.But in another as I have said it contributes to the
      slippery slope of dilution and to the encompassing octopus of
      mediocrity exemplified as it sometimes is in the soundbite
      society.Prozac works too, but what are the long
      term problems with
      its use and what are the criteria for what works
      and what does'nt

      I guess in some respects we may be talking about use versus ABuse. Prozac
      (for example) may be fine for a short term assist, but becomes a problem
      when we begin to rely on it. Maybe the same with music. To use another
      analogy, there is a difference between food as a quick hit gut furniture
      (Burgers) and a meal to be appreciated (Blackened Fish, Salad and a good
      Saugvignon Blanc). Burgers are fine in their place but living on them is
      not particularly healthy aye.

      Much of what works in the short term can often
      be a disguise
      if we are not in conscious control of the means.It
      can let us down
      and we may be disappointed later.So, its another
      plea for wholeness
      in activity and setting the right criteria for success.

      Very true, however the purpose (and result from my experience) of this type
      of background music is to assist and integrate the 'whole' mind into the
      learning experience. Conscious and subconscious. Left and right brain.
      It's not a case of subtracting, but adding and enhancing.

      We could discuss the principal of learning and
      come up with
      some kind of expanded series of questions which
      this principal
      would answer.Then perhaps learning would take on
      more and deeper
      significance than the old 'if it works use it dictum.
      Meanwhile,thanks for the stimulus and if precious
      refers to being
      concerned with questions as matters of principal then
      so be it!

      Not a problem, each persons principles describe who they are as individuals,
      neither better or worse than anyone else's. As I said earlier, excellent
      discussion. What shall we move to next? Politics??? Religion??? or better
      yet, politically incorrect jokes!!!


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