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some tools, to create a website

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  • Claus
    Hello, at first I wish all of you a happy New Year. Let us all do something, that this year may get better than last year. In the last two weeks I was quite
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2010
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      at first I wish all of you a happy New Year. Let us all do something,
      that this year may get better than last year.

      In the last two weeks I was quite active and prepared my first website.
      Frank had stirred up my interest to do it, when he asked, if I had a

      And my answer was no, because it is too time consuming to develop it and
      keep it updated. Which is true, but anyway, afterwards I got the
      feeling, that this was only a lazy excuse.

      Therefore I started to find out, how I could develop a website and what
      content I could upload to it.

      I used following procedure:

      1. content

      I decided, that this website should focus onto the learning process and
      discuss, what learning methods are available.

      2. preparing the content

      I used an outliner program ( www.whizfolders.com ), to develop at first
      the structure ( menu structure) of the website and wrote the text in it.

      Then I checked all the relevant information, which I already had and
      searched also a bit in the internet ( using the meta search enigne mama
      ), ot find websites, which have interesting content, so that I could
      include links to them )

      3. transfer the text into html code

      Because I disliked the idea, to do all the html programming, I used a
      wyswig HTML Editor program with integrated uploader program.

      ( www.incomedia.it or www.websiteex5.com )

      With that program one gets some templates and one can structure each
      page of the website. Also the Main Menu and the Submenus can be done

      As usual, one has to spend some hours with such a program, until one
      masters all its features. I always start to read the tutorial and
      parallel to do, what is taught in it. Then I start to work independently
      and if I need further help, I look at the helpfiles and if these are not
      sufficient, I search for other tutorials in the internet.

      3. next step was, to find a good internet provider, which offered
      enough web space for free.

      I found www.000webhost.com

      They offer enough space and bandwidth. And if needed, one can get much
      more for some money.

      4. I uploaded the files to this webstie host, using the fttp uploader
      program, which is integrated in websiteex5

      5. I now give you the adress of my website, so that you can have a
      look at it. Comments are welcomed.


      I know, that it is not yet perfect and that it never will be. And I
      always will focus more on content and less on any gimmicks. But in the
      future I will include some cliparts or pictures, if I find them helpful.

      6. If you also are interested, to develop your own website, just start
      to do it. Even you start only with one page. The ancient Chinese taught:
      The longest journey starts with the first step.

      Frank and I had also several email disccussion in the last two weeks and
      we started to discuss the problem of worldwide poverty.

      Learning is a fascinating topic, but in the end, for what is it good,
      especially, if somebody is living in poverty and if he does not see, how
      he can use a better education, to improve his living conditions.

      I already started with you, to discuss, how we can develop to use a
      common global language and a common alphabet, so that international
      communication gets much easier, which would also help to defeat global

      At present I am working at that problem and will start also to prepare
      a concept, what we could do, to defeat poverty. We all have to get aware
      of, that we are the strongest power in the world; we, the consumers and
      internet users.

      We can combine our efforts worldwide, to defeat the lies of dictators
      or criminal companies. We can decide to boykott companies and
      countries. We have not to stay apart, feeling helpless. But we will do
      it with peaceful means.People like Mahatma Gandhi, Alber Schweitzer,
      Martin Luther King, Mother Therese and others have demonstrated, what
      can be done, using peaceful means, if many others join them and all
      their efforts get synchronized.

      I invite all of you, to take active part in it.


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