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Re: [wwbc] Math is the new way to be smart.

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  • John Morrison
    Thanks for your reply and comments. cmartin336@aol.com wrote: Hi John, apparently you focus on arithmetical calculations. But that is only a negligible part of
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 24, 2007
      Thanks for your reply and comments.

      cmartin336@... wrote:
      Hi John,

      apparently you focus on arithmetical calculations.

      But that is only a negligible part of the total body of mathematics and not much different from the approach, which people use, when they just memorize pure facts.

      To know facts is of course important, because we need to have a database in our memory, but it is not the main goal in learning, it is just the beginning.

      If you like arithmetical calculations, nothing is wrong with it, but go beyond. Start to study a good book about mathematical number theory for instance.

      Mathematical theory is a fascinating topic and it is the language of quantitative science.



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      Thema: [wwbc] Math is the new way to be smart.

      Over the years I have come to love math. Many of the members of the
      WBC express an interest in memory training and Mind Mapping. That is
      ll well and good. But the thing that upsets me, is the fact that
      ost of the goals for learning these things (Memory train et al) is
      ot to learn important fact, but to impress people! So you can
      emember Pi to 2000 placement. Do you have a life! Oh you know the
      apital of all the city in the USA, Canada and the UK. When was the
      ast time you kissed someone other then you mother?
      Memory training is great, I used my training on a daily basis. But,
      do not waste my time trying to look like an android. In the real
      orld, people do not know any little fact available on things that
      or the most part, are not worth remembering. In my humble opinion,
      Over the past several years I have learned some truly exciting math
      ricks, tips and short-cuts. The thing that I discovered was, math
      akes you things in different way. Math makes you see other
      ossibilities, math trains you to see other options.
      Look at this example: 55*12 (work 550 + 110) or 55*2 then 110*6 =
      60. That to me is great stuff. Try this one: 56*99 = 5544 (work 55
      s one less then 56 and 44 difference between 56 and 100 (the
      ompliment) so what is 75*99? Right, 7425.
      More additional examples: 62*62 is 36 + 2, 2+2 and 2*2 or 3844. 53*53
      s 25+3, and 3*3 or 2809. 23*11 is 23 with 5 in between or 253 (btw
      5*11 is 495, 81*11 is 881 and 56*11 is 616 (add the carried number
      o the 5)
      My point in all of this is math is cool, and so are those who use it.
      have allot more math tips to share. If you have some math tips
      lease share them with me.
      Have a great day.

      lso see the collabarative Mentat Wiki at http://ludism.org/mentat for
      nformation on how to become a better thinker.

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