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Newbie here

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  • Lee Mills
    Not sure exactly what the world wide brain club is--though I am familiar with Worldwide Pants (you know, David Letterman s show!). I m not sure my brain IS
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2006
      Not sure exactly what the world wide brain club is--though I am
      familiar with Worldwide Pants (you know, David Letterman's show!). I'm
      not sure my brain IS worldwide, come to that, but it does seem to
      exceed the bounds of the town I live in.

      Of course, that ain't sayin' much; it's nickname-the town, not my
      brain-is 'Slowdeatha'. Although, living here--hmm. *Sigh.*

      Not sure I even belong here-in this group I mean, I already know I
      don't belong in Slowdeatha-but the bit I saw here looked interesting,
      and I thought-"Why not give it a try?". I like to learn, learn,
      learn-but I like practical stuff that applies to life, not anal BS
      that just lets people with flagging self-esteem point at those they're
      jealous of and grunt, "Me best ape for leader!" [Insert appropriate
      scratch & belch here.]

      SO, if it's a kinda scratch & snif/grunt/belch thing-however genteel-y
      and slyly presented-let me know, and I'll bow out now, no regrets,
      either side. *G* The way I see it, if you've got it, it's going to
      show, and not much anyone, including you, can do about it, but you
      also won't feel obligated to flaunt it (or hide it because Loogie
      wants ape leadership and might get his loincloth in a bunch),
      because-hey-you know you've GOT it.

      And then, there are those like me, who just don't give a rat's red
      rear, either way. *G* I've come to the conclusion that's genetic,
      because I see the problem, but I just can't MAKE myself care-unless I
      can see it's really hurting someone and not just their BS facade-which
      a lot of times seems to extend to the person's own self-image-and I
      really think, the sooner we know we're more than what someone else
      thinks of us, the better, so I can't get too worked up about that,
      either--although I'd be willing to see that differently, if someone
      could convince me it was valid and--

      yes, I DO go on like this, and it's good you know, upfront. No sense
      hiding it. *L* So, now we know, I'm not politically correct-and well,
      according to others, I guess-otherwise very correct, at all. *G*

      If that doesn't scare you, whoopee. If it does, let me know, and I
      won't waste either my time or yours-there's a whole universe out
      there, and it's just too short to waste on 'Me best monkey' stuff.

      Cheers. *G*
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