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The National Alliance, Inc.: False Flag

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  • ummyakoub
    The National Alliance, Incorporated: A ZOG False Flag Combat Cell By Colonel Maguire http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,59662,00.html The National
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2003
      The National Alliance, Incorporated: A ZOG False Flag Combat Cell
      By Colonel Maguire


      The National Alliance, Incorporated: A ZOG False Flag Combat Cell
      By Colonel Maguire

      The key to understanding the National Alliance (NA) is understanding
      its true structure. The National Alliance is a private for-profit
      corporation chartered by the Commonwealth of Virginia (not West
      Virginia). The NA has stockholders, officers, directors and
      employees. And it has 'customers'. Dr. Pierce's 'chairmanship' was
      always chairman of the Board of Directors of this Virginia for profit
      corporation. The constant introduction of Dr. Pierce as 'Chairman'
      started in the days when the 'Chairman' of the Communist Party of the
      USSR was a political figure of importance. The listener was invited
      to conclude Dr. Pierce was also a political figure with the title
      of 'Chairman'.

      The Virginia Secretary of the Commonwealth's corporate data website
      reports the current 2003 officers as:


      The National Alliance's publicly registered Virginia address is: 1330
      GORDEN WALL CIR APT 402, RESTON, VA 20194. The true spelling is
      GARDEN WALL CIRCLE. The Fairfax County tax assessor's website
      reports this address is a condominium owned by NA Vice President
      Katherine Molz. This address is just outside Washington DC in
      Fairfax County. The NA's registered address in Fairfax County,
      Virginia gives it many famous neighbors, including the Central
      Intelligence Agency.

      What does the NA do? This privately owned corporation is a media
      company. It has three major profit centers.

      The foremost profit center is Resistance Records, a subsidiary the NA
      owns as Resistance LLC. Resistance Records markets "White Power
      Music" and related paraphernalia to young white males. This business
      is 'Chairman' Erich Gliebe's real focus. It's what he did before Dr.
      Pierce died and it's what he concentrates on now. The second profit
      center is National Vanguard Books. The NA's secretary, Dr. Robert
      DeMarais - a former professor of business -, continues to operate
      National Vanguard Books as he did before Dr. Pierce's death.

      The third profit center is 'membership dues'. For all practical
      purposes these National Alliance memberships are merely 'fan club'
      memberships in what we can fairly term the Dr. William Pierce Fan
      Club. This is identical to other fan clubs for famous celebrities.
      These memberships do not confer ownership (i.e. stock). Nor are the
      corporate officers and directors otherwise accountable to
      the 'members'. This is why the NA even solicits anonymous
      memberships. What the 'member' purchases is a false sense of
      belonging to something that is doing something. This is no different
      from the official Jennifer Lopez Fan Club

      The National Alliance, Incorporated, uses two principle forms of
      advertising to market its wares to its target demographic of young
      white males. The major advertising channel is the "American
      Dissident Voices" radio and internet broadcast. Since Dr. Pierce's
      death Kevin Strom has resumed doing the ADV broadcasts. The American
      Dissident Voices show was really Kevin Strom's creation. He
      organized the original shortwave and small town AM/FM network in the
      1990s, provided the technical support and occaisionally stood in for
      Dr. Pierce.

      The other 'advertisment' are the midnight 'literature distributions'
      conducted by the so-called 'Local Units' (i.e. the local Dr. Pierce
      fan club chapters). This involves dropping NA, Inc approved flyers
      in residential neighborhood driveways. The principle objective of
      these flyer distributions is to get people to contact the National
      Alliance's main e-commerce website.

      A symbiotic relationship: The National Alliance and the Anti-
      Defamation League of B'nai B'rith.

      The second morning after each literature distribution the local
      newspaper always runs an Anti-Defamation League written template
      article about 'hate'. This boilerplate article serves both the
      National Alliance and the Anti-Defamation League's fund raising
      goals. The ADL routinely hails the NA as the "most dangerous
      organization in America", even though ADL 'investigators' have long
      known about the NA's true structure. The entire transaction scares
      up more donations for the ADL from neurotic Jews while also
      recruiting still more customers for the NA.

      The NA's only positive goal is to maximize its own profits, just like
      any other private corporation. In the furtherance of this profit
      goal the National Alliance, Incorporated has willingly allowed its
      ostensible deadly enemy, the masonic Jewish supremacists of B'nai
      B'rith, to simultaeously define the pro-white cause for the American
      public and to delegitimate it. With minor variations this business
      model has now been operating for three decades, ever since the
      National Alliance was incorporated in 1974.

      Failure of the 'non-Movement'

      There was never any possibility for the NA to progress beyond media
      operations into becoming a civil and political leadership cadre. The
      National Alliance, Incorporated collectively can no more participate
      in direct local politics than can Texaco or IBM. The corporation
      laws of the State of Virginia debar this. Beyond this it has no
      existence at local levels and cannot operate without registering to
      do business in each area. Because of this eschewal of political
      participation the National Alliance has directed the pro-white
      movement up a blind alley.

      The abandonment of the political arena led to a huge relaxation of
      pesonnel standards. The simple expedient of requiring activists to
      have a voter identification card would screen out the most egregious
      felons who have been responsible for 99% of the unproductive
      incidents used to delegitimante the pro-white movement. Meanwhile
      the commercial profit imperative led to active appeals to a highly
      unstable group of individuals. These parallel mechanisms, combined
      with the tacit working relationship with the ADL, are the major
      reasons the pro-white movement is teeming with so many convicted
      felons and borderline psychotics.

      Those in editorial control of National Alliance media can exert a
      background influence on the social and political environment. But
      this influence will always be proportional to their circulation.
      Since the NA's circulation is extremely limited, diffused over a
      large geographical area, and the content irrelevant to local
      conditions or people, the resulting influence is also very
      superficial. Non-existent is a better term. Marc Moran in New Jersey
      recently discovered the illusionary nature of the existing 'non-
      Movement' when he attempted venturing into local borough politics.

      Those private corporation leaders personally profiting from the
      Movement are always quick to point to such events as confirmation of
      their thesis that the political process should be avoided.

      Enter Vanguard News Network and ShopWhite.

      The Vanguard News Network and Bill White are currently in the final
      stages of opening an eBay clone called "ShopWhite". What Bill White
      and Alex Linder of VNN are doing is making a transparent move on
      Resistance Records' (the NA's major profit center) consumer base.
      Presently a White Power Band has very limited options open to it for
      marketing. They can market through Panzerfaust Records or they can
      sell through the NA subsidiary, Resistance Records.

      White and Linder intend to use ShopWhite to capture Resistance
      Records' White Power music and paraphernalia market. As Bill White
      said recently, ShopWhite will be a sole proprietorship with himself
      as sole proprietor. We can thus add ShopWhite to his NORFED
      redemption center franchise and other commercial internet
      activities. There's a fair amount of money at stake here. The total
      revenue stream for White Power music CDs and paraphernalia is
      probably $3 million to $5 million per year. To this can be
      added books, tapes and videos of various kinds as well as militaria.
      Bill White intends to snag 10% or so of this revenue stream for
      himself. Emphasis on 'so'.

      This underlies all the recent smoke on www.overthrow.com about Kevin
      Strom, Erich Gliebe and others. The Kevin Strom flap is a secondary
      attack on the NA's major advertising channel (American Dissident
      Vocies). It's also an indirect attack on Eric Gliebe and Resistance
      Records. It is crucial to the success of this effort that it not be
      seen for the commercial ploy it really is. This is because the
      customers would be awakened to their own real status both with the NA
      and in the future under ShopWhite. White and Linder cannot openly
      admit they are now commercial competitors with Gliebe, Demarais &

      The immediate struggle is thus a fight over control of existing White
      Power paraphernalia consumers. It will not add more strength or
      organization to the unorganized pro-white population, advance them
      towards political power, or develop subordinate community leaders.
      Bill White says this will happen but what else could he say? Crucial
      to the endeavor is maintaining the illusion the 'Movement' as it
      presently exists is something other than a media marketing scheme.

      Alex Linder (and Bill White to a degree) are more honest about what's
      up than Dr. Pierce ever was. So this may be a healthy puff of fresh
      air. We'll see how close Mr. White comes to eBay openess. Dr. Pierce
      always maintained a pretense that the NA was some sort of collective
      organization. The reality is the NA is and always was a private for-
      profit media company partly organized on the lines of Amway. But it
      was not as aggressive. Nor was it as effective in sinking in its
      roots locally for reasons seen above and below.

      Neither VNN or its ShopWhite enterprise are going to 'overthrow' the
      NA, although they will probably greatly reduce NA Inc's revenue and
      profit stream. The NA is a private corporation incorporated by the
      Commonwealth of Virginia. By this point any thinking person is
      wondering why the government has never taken the simple step of
      revoking the corporate charter of this 'dangerous terrorist
      organization', as it's called by the ADL and its agentur in the FBI
      and the Department of Justice 'Anti-Terrorism Task Force'. They've
      always had it in their power to do this but found it convenient not
      to do so for some reason.

      The Political Persecution of Chester Doles.

      Chester Doles occupied a unique place in the National Alliance. He
      was the most powerful and successful 'NA leader' who was not actually
      an employee or director of the National Alliance, Incorporated. By
      his own efforts and dynamism he had raised his particular local unit
      in Georgia to several hundred members. Unlike the other delivery boy
      operations Doles' local unit was acquiring real independent life and
      a community character. Most notable about this unit was its
      concentration in a relatively small rural area. These 'members' were
      thus less useful to the NA's business model (and its symbiotic
      relationship with the ADL) while Mr. Doles himself was a dangerous
      potential competitor. Shortly before his arrest by the ADL lawyers
      occupying Department of Justice offices Mr. Doles was openly
      breaking with the National Alliance. He had complained on several
      occaisions about the large number of federal, ADL and SPLC informers
      within the National Alliance.

      Following Dole's arrest the officers and directors of the National
      Alliance, Inc., tried to abandon Mr. Doles. Alex Linder and VNN
      initiated the Chester Doles/Goy Genius challenge to raise $50,000 for
      Mr. Doles defense. This succeeded and former U.S. Congressman and
      district attorney Robert Barr has now undertaken Mr. Doles' legal
      defense. This defense is against charges lodged by Michael Chertoff,
      a board director of the ADL, a Bush political appointee to the
      Department of Justice and former chairman of the 'Anti-Terrorism Task

      The National Alliance, Incorporated: A ZOG False Flag combat cell?

      Political police in all regimes often use a tactic called a "False
      Flag" front or combat cell. This operation involves setting up a
      front organization that appears to be a real opposition group. The
      purposes of False Flag operations are to capture control of and thus
      disrupt and prevent any real political opposition from emerging.
      Potential dissidents are both identified by this means and their
      efforts and resources diverted into fruitless endeavors. Is the
      National Alliance, Incorporated a ZOG false flag? This charge has
      been hurled previously. Let us consider the evidence anew.

      1. The private corporation structure and Dr. Pierce's explicit
      policies permanently foreclosed any attempts at participating in
      civil politics. Within the closed cult world of the NA that Day of
      civil participation and legitimacy always lies somewhere off in an
      undeterminate future. As with the 'Rapture' the precise timing is
      unknown, is inherently unknowable, but it is coming Soon. In
      practice the current corporate leadership's tenure always expires
      before that Day arrives. 'But it is coming Real Soon. And while you
      wait, buy cds, books and donate money.'

      2. None of the real officers, directors, stockholders or employees
      of this 'dangerous terrorist group' have ever been arrested. They
      appear to possess a teflon immunity from police interference, even
      when they harbor international fugitives like Hendrik Moebus.

      3. The simple method of destroying this 'dangerous terrorist
      organization', revoking its Virginia corporate charter, has never
      been used. The lawyers of the Deparment of Justice, the FBI and the
      ADL have long been aware of National Alliance, Incorporated. It's a
      matter of public record.

      4. Chester Doles, the most effective leader outside the NA's
      corporate structure, was arrested. NA Incorporated first tried to
      abandon him. His defense fund was raised by a revolt among its fans.

      Whether the officers, directors, stockholders or employees of NA
      Incorporated are conscious agents is really irrelevant. "By their
      fruits ye shall know them", said one Teacher. If it looks like a
      duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck....




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