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US Veteran Blames Israeli Occupation

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    ISRAELI OCCUPATION OF PALESTINE– THE ROOT CAUSE OF THE MIDDLE EAST CRISIS http://ussliberty.wordpress.com/2008/09/19/israeli-occupation-of-
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      As the conflict between Israel and Palestine rages in the Middle
      East, the people of the United States, including President George W
      Bush and all members of Congress, must ask themselves two questions:
      *How would you feel if an invader came into your neighborhood and
      told you to leave your home immediately because it was going to be
      demolished so the land could be used to build many new homes for the
      murderous invaders of Israel?

      *Would you sit back and offer no resistance as your entire life was
      reduced to rubble?

      Answer those questions honestly and you will understand the plight of
      all Palestinians who been forced to live in subhuman conditions under
      Israeli execution, occupation and control. If we would not tolerate
      the abusive aggression of an invader in our own communities, how can
      we allow Congress and the President George W Bush to–not only condone
      such murderous aggression from Israel, but–pay for it, and all with
      our taxpayer money, covered not only with the blood of Palestinians,
      but with Americans as well, and in particular the sons of the USS
      Liberty, attacked by Israel 41 years ago.


      Sue Heher, a South African Representative stationed in the West Bank,
      had the following to say–"Other South African colleagues who have
      visited Palestine have typically said they felt the situation here
      {Palestine} to be worse than that of apartheid South Africa…'

      For those who need a little more info regarding Mz. Heher's comments
      here, let the following be considered–

      *Palestinians are forced to carry identification cards at all times
      when traveling from city to city

      *Palestinians must apply for a very difficult-to-obtain permit to
      travel from city to city.

      *Palestinians are forced to stand in separate lines than Jews, so
      that the Jews are not `tainted' through what they consider `contact'
      with `inferior' beings

      *Palestinians are not allowed to live in Jewish-only housing, even
      when Palestinians have deeds proving their ownership of this property…

      *Palestinians–Muslim and Christian–are not allowed to buy, rent or
      lease land in 92% of the State of Israel, simply because they are not

      *Israel gives 85% of water resources in Palestine to Israelis and the
      remaining 15% is divided among all Palestinians in the West Bank and
      Gaza, even though the Palestinian population is much larger…

      *Israeli sieges have stopped most Palestinians from going to work,
      going to school (if they dare to for fear of beatings or sniper fire
      on innocent children) going to hospitals with little or no
      medications, or going shopping for basic necessities like food (if
      any is to be found) thereby reducing the Palestinian population to
      starvation and disease…

      *Israel refuses to abide by over 65 United Nations Security

      *Palestinians have recognized the right of Israel to exist in 78% of
      the country and Israel still has not reciprocated. Instead the
      masters of the Palestinians cage them in Gaza as sub-human animals
      with no fresh water, no food, NOTHING. If this were done to even a
      handful of Jews anywhere else in the world it would be considered a
      holocaust and the military might of the United States would be
      brought to bear in `fixing' it…


      In a special interview aired on Israeli television, a former Israeli
      soldier said that Israeli soldiers committed "unimaginable" practices
      against Palestinians. Being a survivor of the murderous attack on our
      ship USS Liberty June 8, 1967 I can vouch for that as well, since I
      personally witnessed "unimaginable" inhuman slaughter, in particular
      that of Americans on the high seas by the Government of Israel,
      resulting in 34 murdered and 174 wounded. According to the testimony
      of this former Israeli soldier, a common practice among them is
      competing among themselves to see who could kill more Palestinians,
      bragging afterward about how many they killed, deliberately targeting
      and killing children walking home from school or playing outside, and
      slamming the heads of handcuffed Palestinians onto concrete walls. I
      bet the Israelis had a great big laugh over the murders they
      committed against their American friends aboard AMERICA'S ship USS

      There is no telling in the many many months of Israeli occupation how
      many Palestinians have been murdered, tortured to death, starved to
      death, and the untold who have been maimed and injured for life by
      Israeli troops and Jewish extremists. Many of the victims are average
      citizens on their way to work or to school, while others are involved
      in protests against occupation. Only a handful were armed–do you
      blame for trying to protect their families?

      The ugly truth though is that Israel is not putting America in an
      impossible situation in the Middle East. Rather it is the President
      and the congress who are putting America in an impossible situation
      by allowing Israel to get by with these crimes. To call it despicable
      and Un-American is the understatement of the millenium.

      Palestinians watch as Israel brings to bear against them and their
      loved ones American-made weapons and over 15 million dollars a day in
      taxpayer money and all of this while America is in the worst
      financial crises ever. And yet, AND YET, Israel STILL demands that
      money, money we Americans must borrow, and for what? TO GIVE TO A
      TERRORIST STATE, money our kids and grandkids will have to pay back
      and which our elected officials on bended knees are so very happy to
      turn over. Its worse than disgusting, although I don't really know
      what the right word would be.

      With out the billions of dollars of American tax payers money pour
      into Israel every year, not counting the jet aircraft, tanks, and on
      and on, Israel would find it difficult IF NOT IMPOSSIBLE to sustain
      its illegal and murderous occupation of Palestine that has gone on
      for over 41 years and continues that jeopardize American interests in
      such an area as vital as the Middle East. Look at us now–in Iraq with
      well over 4,000 American sons and daughters dead, and for what? One
      word–ISRAEL–and now as if this weren't enough to satisfy her, now she
      wants us to fight another war for her in Iran and our gutless leaders
      in Washington DC will more than oblige their masters in Israel and
      sacrifice more American blood and treasure. Unbelievable but true.

      Why isn't our congress and our administration calling on Israel to
      stop the racism and discrimination against Palestinians and end the
      occupation? In truth the answer does not need to even be stated, but
      I will state it nevertheless–FEAR. They are all bought-and-paid-for
      whores of Israel and could care less about the Palestinians or even
      their own American countrymen for that matter.

      Israel uses tanks, helicopters, death squads, state-of-the-art smart
      bombs against the Palestinians (women and children alike) but our
      Congressmen and Congresswomen and our President have not dared to
      call it what it is– ISRAELI TERRORISM. They will talk us till they're
      blue in the face about `Islamic terrorism', but hear them get
      anywhere near that `J' word and they will run from it like a long-
      tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. When a Palestinian
      living under Israeli occupation strikes at Israel, he is labeled in
      no uncertain terms a terrorist. Why the double standards? Why is
      Israel permitted everything in its effort to keep the last colonial
      adventure of the world?

      AIPAC and over 15 other Jewish lobbies for Israel operate on combined
      budgets exceeding 50 million a year or more. AIPAC, the pro-Israel
      lobby with the closet links to the government of Israel, is
      recognized by Fortune magazine to be one of the most powerful lobbies
      on the hill and our elected stooges gravel at their feet.



      We cannot sit back and permit the lobby of a foreign government to
      determine U.S. Middle East policy that is not in the best interests
      of the United States of America. We want our tax dollars spent at
      home, not sent to Israel, A RACIST, NAZI STATE which refuses to
      return illegally-seized lands to Palestinians that would be condemned
      were it any other group of people. Our bought-and-paid-for congress
      must not continue to allow their masters–the Israel lobby–to harm
      America's own interests.

      Not wanting to over-use an already overused line, but America…WAKE
      UP. We are in real deep trouble here and it is going to take you–my
      fellow Americans–raising your voices and saying NO MORE!!! No more of
      the same shame we have been living with for far to long.

      Write, phone, email your representatives in congress. Tell your
      friends, family and neighbors. Do not be afraid of being called all
      the predictable names. They mean nothing. Get hold of McCain and
      Obama and tell them NO MORE. Stop this madness before its too late.
      For your own sake for that of your children, at least try. Your
      children and grandchildren are counting on you, because it's their
      future you hold in yours hands, so don't waste it for them, and
      definitely, don't waste it for Israel.

      God Bless America

      Phillip F Tourney Survivor USS Liberty

      Three Time President of the Liberty Veterans Association
      Co-Host–`The Liberty Hour' radio program heard every Saturday morning
      1100 EST on the Republic Broadcasting Network found at



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