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The Ukrainian Holocaust and Jewish Pride

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    The Ukrainian Holocaust and Jewish Pride Charles Hodgson November 25, 2008 http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/authors/Dodgson-Ukraine.html November 22, 2007
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      The Ukrainian Holocaust and Jewish Pride
      Charles Hodgson
      November 25, 2008

      November 22, 2007 was the 75th anniversary of the mass murder of up
      to 10 million Ukrainians by Stalin's political police, the dreaded
      NKVD. This bureaucracy was the apogee of political correctness,
      murdering tens of thousands of farmers and small-town people because
      the region resisted collectivisation. The practice of mass political
      murder was initiated by Lenin immediately after Trotsky brought him
      to power. Stalin inherited and extended the practice and its

      Until after the Second World War the senior ranks of the NKVD were
      disproportionately Jewish. These were secular Jews who as good
      communists rejected divisions of ethnicity and race as products of
      bourgeois society. Nevertheless they retained their identity as Jews;
      they knew who their ancestors were.

      Jews do not feel remorse for the Ukraine famine. They do not
      apologise for it. They do not point to it as a failing of the Jewish
      character or culture. That is an enormous inconsistency. For one
      thing Jews feel pride in the positive achievements of other Jews,
      whether religious or secular. But how can pride be ethnic and
      unconditional while shame is conditional and compartmentalised? Is it
      not inconsistent for someone to feel pride in the achievements of his
      ethnic group but to feel no shame for its failings?

      Alexander Solzhenitsyn made a similar point in his last book, Two
      Hundred Years Together. Group pride goes hand in hand with group
      shame. He wrote: "[The] Jewish population should be as offended at
      their own role in the purges as they are at the Soviet power that
      also persecuted them." Regarding white shame, our own Michael J.
      Polignano has argued cogently that those who condemn whites for the
      behaviour of other whites are implicitly admitting the case for white
      pride in the achievements of the West (Occidental Quarterly, Spring
      2008, pp. 3-6).

      I suppose inconsistency is one of the prerogatives of being human.
      However, in this case the inconsistency is larger than a failing of
      human nature because other ethnic groups and nations are not
      permitted to forget their sins, at least when they sinned against
      Jews. The Germans are taught by their media and schools to feel shame
      for the actions of a pagan secret service that murdered millions of
      Jews and Gypsies during the Second World War. Responsibility is
      levelled at Germans in general, not only pagans or those who
      supported Hitler's extermination policy. The shame is ethnic and
      unconditional. Only German pride must be conditional and

      The same sort of general ethnic shame is taught to whites of many
      nations. It seems that we have all done something terrible at one
      time or another, whether it is colonialism, exploitation,
      discrimination, segregation, etc. And it is understood that "we"
      means fellow ethnics. The crime varies but the shame remains the

      There is a good deal of truth to many of these accusations. The
      German state did commit the Holocaust. The British, Spanish,
      Portuguese, Russian, Dutch and French states did displace native
      peoples in the Americas, Africa and Australasia. Blacks were
      discriminated against in the United States. Colonialism and ethnic
      expansion have their dark sides.

      There is also some moral truth to the accusations, even if they are
      over generalised. But it is a conditional morality such that group
      identity combined with even vestigial pride makes it hypocritical to
      feel pride but not shame for group behaviour. A history of Germany
      that did not mention World War Two or the Holocaust would be rightly
      dismissed as propaganda. Can anyone imagine a history of the United
      States that did not admit the evils of slavery or Jim Crow?

      But we don't need to imagine a history of the Jews that fails to
      mention the Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution or in communist
      regimes throughout Eastern Europe in the post-WWII period or the
      attempted Bolshevik revolutions in Germany after the First World War
      or in Soviet espionage. Simply consult any of the seemingly endless
      parade of tribal histories, many produced by departments of Jewish
      studies at taxpayer-funded universities.

      The inconsistency goes even further. Jewish organisations are as one
      in condemning Western societies, Western traditions, and
      Christianity, for past crimes against Jews. Yet they never talk about
      Jewish crimes.

      It is difficult to say what the effect of this asymmetrical shame and
      shaming has had on the West's ability to defend its interests in the
      culture wars; except that the effect has surely been negative. A
      level playing field will not be achieved until Jewish history texts,
      Holocaust museums, and Jewish Studies departments make the same
      effort at self-knowledge and self-shaming that Jews have urged on non-
      Jewish nations.

      Charles Dodgson is the pen name of a social analyst living in England.



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