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Israel keeps all Gaza borders closed

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    120 Palestinians abducted since Israel s decision to release Fatah inmates 24/11/2008 http://www.palestine-info.co.uk/en/default.aspx?xyz=U6Qq7k%
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      120 Palestinians abducted since Israel's
      decision to release Fatah inmates

      GAZA, (PIC)-- The ministry of prisoner affairs said that the Israel
      had kidnapped more than 120 Palestinians including a number of
      children from occupied Jerusalem since outgoing Israeli premier Ehud
      Olmert announced his intention to release 250 Palestinian prisoners
      affiliated with Fatah.

      Riyadh Al-Ashkar, the director of the information office in the
      ministry, added that there are still 16 Palestinian fishermen and
      three international activists who were kidnapped by the Israel navy
      in the Ramla prison.

      Ashqar underlined that Israel's intent to release Palestinian
      prisoners as a goodwill gesture towards PA chief Mahmoud Abbas was an
      attempt to beautify its ugly face and to cover for its crimes against

      The Palestinian official underscored that the Israeli media had
      unveiled a serious confidential document prepared by the Israeli
      intelligence and encouraged by the courts legalizing the use of
      internationally-banned psychological and physical torture means
      against Palestinian prisoners.

      The Palestinian official noted that Israel issued a number of illegal
      sentences against democratically-elected Palestinian lawmakers
      imprisoned without guilt in Israeli jails flouting the diplomatic
      immunity they enjoy.


      Israel keeps all Gaza borders closed
      Sun, 30 Nov 2008

      Palestinian children are seen through holes made by Israeli rockets
      and bullets during an incursion on Khan Yunis
      Israel has vowed to keep Gaza border crossings closed after an
      earlier threat to launch a major incursion into the costal strip.

      On November 4, Israel intensified the Gaza blockade, closing all the
      crossings into the populated territory and blocking all food and fuel
      supplies into the region "in response to rocket attacks by
      Palestinian groups."

      "Following mortar and rocket fire, the border crossings we had
      expected to open will remain closed," AFP quoted defense ministry
      spokesman Shlomo Dror as saying on Sunday.

      The warnings came after a rocket fired by Palestinians landed in
      south of the town of Ashkelon Saturday afternoon, causing "No
      injuries or damages."

      Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai also threatened to
      launch a wide-scale operation into the territory to stop the rocket
      attacks from Gaza.

      Palestinian groups, however, say their rocket attacks are retaliatory
      measures against Israeli incursions and air raids which kill
      Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on a regular basis.

      According to the Palestinian Popular Resistance Committees, the
      Israeli military forces wounded three of its fighters in an incursion
      into central Gaza in the early hours of Sunday.

      The group said the Israeli attack east of the Maghazi refugee camp
      provoked an exchange of fire between the two sides.

      Medical sources confirmed that they were treating three wounded
      Palestinians. But the Israeli military made no immediate comment on
      the incident.


      Turkish boat to set sail to Gaza within days

      GAZA, (PIC)-- The government committee to break the siege on Gaza
      announced on Sunday that a Turkish vessel would soon set sail to the
      Gaza Strip to contribute in breaking the tightened siege imposed on
      the Strip.

      The committee's spokesman, Alaa Al-Batta, said in a statement that
      the Turkish boat would carry medicine and solidarity activists.

      He hailed Arab and international efforts to alleviate the siege on
      Gaza, thanking in this regard Libya, Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey for
      sending ships carrying food and medicine to Gaza.

      Batta called for continuation of such sea voyages until the siege is
      completely broken, stressing that Gaza was in need of a courageous
      and strong stand on the part of the freedom loving peoples in the

      For his part, Dr. Mohammed Awad, the head of the committee and
      secretary of the PA caretaker government, said in a press release
      that the Israeli occupation authority had tightened the siege on Gaza
      in a bid to weaken the Palestinian people's determination.

      He said that the IOA and those supporting it would not fulfill their
      target, adding that Palestinian steadfastness and challenge would
      foil those attempts.


      Gaza: Moving Beyond Political Activism
      by Joe Mowrey
      November 24th, 2008

      As conditions in the Gaza strip approach a catastrophic level of
      deprivation, the world media, and in particular the U.S. media,
      remain largely silent. The United Nations, whose truckloads of food
      and medical supplies continue to be denied entry into Gaza by Israel,
      appears to be one of the few international voices of dissent
      concerning the collective punishment of 1.5 million human beings.
      This, despite the fact that more than 50% of the population in Gaza
      is comprised of children under the age of 15.

      Israel claims to be defending itself against the crude, often
      homemade rockets which militant factions in Gaza fire randomly into
      southern Israel. Though it may be considered politically incorrect,
      this writer refuses to precede his remarks with the requisite, "It's
      wrong for militant Palestinians to be firing rockets into Israel."
      The ethics of Palestinian resistance to the Zionist colonization of
      Palestine and the dispossession of the Palestinian people is a
      subject for another article. The issue at hand is one of collective
      punishment. Regardless of the actions of certain factions in Gaza,
      the fact remains that Israel (with the approval of the U.S.and the
      world community) is depriving an entire civilian population of food,
      medicine and clean drinking water in response to the violent actions
      of a few among that population. By any civilized standard this
      behavior is wrong and should be condemned vociferously. To paraphrase
      the words of an alien from another planet in a not-so-great Hollywood
      movie of some years ago, every sentient being knows the difference
      between right and wrong.

      Apparently not. Israel's Foreign Minister and likely future Prime
      Minister, Tzipi Livni, recently dismissed the notion that Israel's
      actions in Gaza amount to collective punishment and claimed those
      actions were a justifiable response to the rocket attacks on Israel.
      She stated, "The international community must be more decisive in
      making itself heard and in using its influence in the face of these

      To suggest that the international community should condemn "these
      attacks" by militant Palestinian factions, yet ignore the
      humanitarian disaster being imposed on Gaza by the government of
      Israel demonstrates a nearly incomprehensible level of hypocrisy. But
      more importantly, the fact that Jews are the ones perpetrating these
      unconscionable actions in Gaza is a tragedy of historic proportions.
      The Geneva Conventions, particularly those articles addressing the
      collective punishment of civilian populations, were largely crafted
      in response to the treatment of Jews by the Nazis during World War
      II. Has the sense of exclusivity and entitlement created by the
      Zionist experiment in Israel become so great that people there no
      longer see themselves in the mirror of their own history? The irony
      of Jews, among the most egregiously persecuted and maligned people in
      history, denying food to hundreds of thousands of children in order,
      allegedly, to insure their own security, is breathtaking. Who could
      ever have imagined such a thing?

      As people of Gaza suffer, here in the U.S., the vast majority of so-
      called progressives continue to revel in the recent election of the
      first Black man to the Presidency. While Obama has garnered a great
      deal of political and financial support by pledging his unconditional
      support for the Zionist regime in Israel, he remains completely
      silent on the plight of the children of Gaza. Our first Black
      President not only refuses to speak out against the collective
      punishment of an oppressed people, he actively supports and
      encourages the regime responsible for this behavior. This too is a
      tragedy of historic proportions. Have we come this far in the
      struggle against racism in our country only to see Barack Obama put a
      minority face on U.S. support for violations of international law and
      essential human dignity by Israel? Again, one has to say, who could
      ever have imagined such a thing?

      Each morning I peruse the alternative media online and hope to see at
      least some minor degree of outrage at the situation in Gaza. A small
      but courageous handful of progressive web sites dare to criticize
      Israel and speak out against the abuse of the Palestinian people. But
      for the most part, the glorious and powerful "NetRoots" movement is
      too busy congratulating itself on the so-called victory it has
      achieved in the recent elections, too busy celebrating the illusion
      of change which Barack Obama represents, to admit the absence of any
      indication of substantive change in U.S. foreign policy in Palestine
      or the Middle East under his coming administration.

      Does it ever occur to those who so blindly and passionately
      rallied `round their candidate for the Presidency that they might now
      use their voices to encourage him to oppose the human rights abuses
      being orchestrated in Gaza? The sad reality is, not even a chorus of
      such voices is likely to alter the course Obama appears to have
      taken. He has surrounded himself with a familiar cast of armchair
      militarists, corporatists and hard core pro-Zionist zealots who will
      continue to give their unconditional support to Israel regardless of
      what barbaric tactics the government there uses to advance the
      colonization of Palestine. He is choosing to turn his back on the
      men, women and children in Gaza and the West Bank who suffer chronic
      malnutrition, desperate poverty, dispossession and daily humiliation
      at the hands of the Israeli military.

      We should stand up in opposition to instances of human rights abuses
      whenever and wherever they occur. The situation in Gaza is only one
      on an unfortunately long list, locally, nationally and
      internationally. And U.S. government (that means you and me) support
      for and complicity in many such instances is no secret. If each of us
      were to do just one thing per week to address these issues, the
      result might surprise us all. Take a minute out from the long and
      endless chatter of day to day living and speak to a friend about the
      idea of social equality. Write one letter to the editor of your local
      paper in support of human rights. Spend just one percent of your
      online hours learning the truth about our complicity as U.S. citizens
      in the exploitation and degradation of other people and their
      cultures. Turn off your television. Go stand on a corner with a sign
      to protest war. Wear a button promoting peace and justice. One small
      thing at a time.

      To those who became politically active, possibly for the first time,
      and expended their valuable enthusiasm and energy in order to see
      Barack Obama elected: thank you for being a part of history. Now why
      not try on the mantel of social activism? Write our President-elect a
      letter and suggest that he at least acknowledge the suffering of the
      people in Gaza. It is doubtful it will change him or his policies,
      but it may change you. And that truly is "change we can believe in."

      Every sentient being knows the difference between right and wrong.
      The question is, why do so few of us act on that knowledge?

      Joe Mowrey is a Palestinian rights and antiwar activist. He lives in
      Santa Fe, New Mexico with his equally traitorous spouse and their
      four canine co-conspirators. He can be contacted at:
      jmowrey@.... Read other articles by Joe.

      This article was posted on Monday, November 24th, 2008 at 8:00am and
      is filed under Human Rights, Israel/Palestine, Prejudice, War Crimes,
      Zionism. ShareThis



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