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    Peace Talks are used as a Cover for Zionist Land Theft and Ethnic Cleansing ILLUSIONS OF PEACE Nizar Sakhnini While Israel is going on with its Zionist program
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6 3:49 PM
      Peace Talks are used as a Cover for Zionist Land Theft and Ethnic

      Nizar Sakhnini

      While Israel is going on with its Zionist program of stealing more
      lands and building more settlements, Mahmoud Abbas, the architect of
      Oslo, continues with his never ending `peace talks' with the Zionists.

      Had the Zionists really wanted peace, there could have been Peace
      long, long time ago.

      On 11 December 1948, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution #
      194, which established a Palestine Conciliation Commission (PCC) to
      assume the functions given to the UN Mediator on Palestine, Count
      Folke Bernadotte, who was assassinated by the Zionists.

      The PCC conference was opened in Lausanne, Switzerland on 26 April
      1949. Under the threat that the United States would prevent Israel's
      admission to the UN, Israel finally agreed to attend the conference.

      On 12 May 1949, the Arab states and Israel signed a protocol stating
      that the UN Partition Resolution and the partition map included in it
      constituted the basis for negotiations. By signing this protocol,
      the Arabs had in fact accepted the legitimacy of the UN Partition
      Resolution, had abandoned the idea of Palestine as a unitary Arab
      state, accepted the reality of Israel, and agreed to solve the
      dispute by political means.

      The efforts of the PCC were unsuccessful.

      Failure of the PCC efforts to bring peace was repeated with all
      efforts for peace that were made ever since.

      Following the 1967 war, Security Council resolution # 242 was adopted
      calling for a UN special representative to proceed to the Middle East
      to establish and maintain contacts with the States concerned to
      promote agreement and achieve a peaceful and accepted settlement.
      Gunnar Jarring was appointed as the UN special representative. His
      efforts led to nowhere because Israel wanted to keep all the
      conquered territories, as it did in 1948.

      On 9 December 1969, U.S. Secretary of State, William Rogers,
      announced a peace plan based on the exchange of land for peace in
      accordance with UN resolution # 242. These efforts petered out
      because Israel simply rejected the plan.

      On 22 October 1973, Security Council resolution # 338 was adopted and
      faced the same fate as Resolution # 242 of 1967.

      Following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, U.S. President
      Reagan made a peace initiative in the hope of reviving the peace
      process. Arab response to Reagan's initiative was positive. The
      Israeli government rejected the proposals in a unanimous vote.

      On 30 October 1991, the `Middle East Peace Conference' convened in
      Madrid under the auspices of the U.S. and the USSR for talks to
      resolve the Israeli-Arab conflict. Israeli PM Shamir, later declared
      that he wanted the negotiations in Washington (following the Madrid
      conference) to continue for 10 years, if need be, so that he had
      enough time to keep on going with planned Israeli settlement in the
      Occupied Palestinian Territories and leave nothing for the
      negotiations to talk about.

      On 30 April 2003, a Road Map for peace was proposed by the U.S.,
      European Union, Russia and the UN. The principles of the plan were
      first outlined by U.S. President George W. Bush in a speech on 24
      June 2002 that called for an independent Palestinian state living
      side by side with Israel in peace.

      On 27 November 2007, a U.S. sponsored a one-day peace conference in
      Annapolice and launching another tasteless and aimless peace process
      that is going to nowhere.

      As long as Zionist racist and colonialist trends prevail, any talk
      about peace in Palestine is a mere illusion. Real peace is
      inconsistent with the racist and colonialist motives of the Zionist
      Establishment that is in control in occupied Palestine, all of

      State or no state, one-state or a two-state solution, is not the
      issue. The road for peace goes through serving justice and upholding
      human rights. Until that happens, resistance is the only way to
      return to the homes and lands that were stolen by the Zionists.



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