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The Crucifixion of Jesus' Words

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    The Crucifixion of Jesus Wordsþ By Charles E. Carlson http://cp.whtt.org/index.php?news=2&id=2639 Evangelicals interpret Christian scripture
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2008
      The Crucifixion of Jesus' Wordsþ
      By Charles E. Carlson

      'Evangelicals' interpret Christian scripture imaginatively...
      anything but literally. Many celebrity leaders teach and preach
      directly in contradiction to Jesus' words about brotherly love and

      More surprisingly, celebrity Christians' statements also contradict
      Jesus' teachings about 'heaven' and hell found in the New Testament
      book of Matthew, Chapter 25. Evangelicals claim, as a matter of
      doctrine, to interpret scripture 'literally;" many go so far as to
      state that all scripture (New and Old Testament) is true without

      This sounds great. We all want to believe we read what is clearly
      written, but with evangelicals it could not be further from the
      truth. In fact they give all of Christianity a bad wrap by leaving
      in their wake the impression that the Bible makes little sense
      because their skewed interpretation is so clearly contrary to Jesus'
      character, especially in the area of violence and war.

      It is Judeo-Christianity's warring-for-Jesus interpretations of the
      bible that causes many to reject Christianity without ever reading
      the New Testament, and making 'none of the above' America's fastest
      growing group.

      One example is the Judeo-Christian (evangelical) interpretation of
      what seem to be Jesus plain words found in Matthew 25, which is
      outrageous altered in the Scofield Reference Bible (1967 and after).
      The Judeo-Christian venerated Scofield footnotes directly refutes
      what Jesus is quoted to have said about the inevitable judgment in
      store for every man from every tribe ("nation"). Scofield says Jesus
      will judge three classes of people; Jesus words say he judges each
      individuals, not classes

      Classes defined in Snowfield's footnotes page 1037
      (1967edition) 'Three classes of individuals are mentioned: '(1)
      Sheep, saved Gentiles' (2)Goats, unsaved Gentiles and (3) Brethren,
      the people of Israel'

      Here Oxford University Press introduces radical racism into its
      interpretation of Jesus' words by limiting heaven to Jews and t hose
      non-Jews who are exceedingly kind to Jews during a time yet to come
      on earth. The Scofield footnotes also claim Jesus was not talking
      about it heaven, but about an early kingdom that is yet to come, even
      though He provides two parables in chapter 25 expressly
      about 'heaven' and hell (outer darkness)!

      To Jesus "the least of these my Brethren" seems to mean the most
      unfortunate of mankind. But Oxford makes them to be "Jews" living in
      the state of Israel at some future age. Jesus spoke of "his
      brethren" but there is not a shred of evidence He was talking about
      the 1948 created State of Israel. Jesus words were (this writer
      thinks) relevant to those who followed him then. If not, how can the
      words be believable to those who are trying to follow him now?

      We are supposed to believe that the Scofield Bible, written in 1908
      and rewritten by Oxford University Press from 1921 on, is needed to
      correct Jesus. How insulting to God. Traditional Christians (as
      well as devout Muslims, as we understand them) believe Jesus was
      describing the "narrow path" to heaven.

      Jesus' words are easy to understand, but most difficult to follow.
      In contrast, the Christian Zionist interpretation is easy and
      comfortable to follow but impossible to understand. Mega church
      pastors reinterpret, explain, and con volute the words of Christ.
      They provide an easy, feel-good path to the Strait Gate. Life may be
      good along their way, but the words are not true, and provided little
      understanding of what Jesus actually taught about dedication and
      brotherhood toward the least of humankind.

      Inserted sub-headings and footnotes complete the terrible forgery of
      God's words that was stared by Cyrus I Scofield, himself a convicted
      forger, wife deserter and life long con-man. Judaized scripture
      builds huge churches full of people who, Sarah Palin, do not
      understanding of what God expects of us. No wonder they can be
      misled to endorser of serial wars.

      Judeo-Christians constitute about 33% of all professed Christians in
      the USA, and about 26% of all voters. It is the only sect that
      requires a future war in the Middle East to bring about its idea of a
      completed Jesus Christ. Yet its celebrity leaders claim to
      be "literal interpreters' of biblical text.

      Each true follower of Christ needs to depart from them.


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